Manual transmissions are rapidly disappearing from modern cars including best Nissan Juke cars. It is easy to explain why many people want to buy BMW 328i with an automated transmission. However, those drivers who have mastered the manual gearbox, will hardly ever want to drive a car with an automatic or robotic transmission.

There are plenty of arguments in favor of three-pedal autos. Here are just the most compelling ones:

First of all, cars with manual transmissions are cheaper than automated vehicles in a similar configuration. If you want to buy BMW 328i, a model with the manual gearbox will be cheaper, so you will have extra money to buy some useful things for your car.

Secondly, a manual transmission is simple and reliable. In case of a breakdown, it can be repaired at any car maintenance service. Moreover, the cost of repairs will not be too high. As a rule, this type of gearbox functions well during the entire service life of the car. The only thing that you really need to do is to have a clutch replaced (on average it serves 100–160 thousand km). It is also worth changing the oil at least once every 100,000 km.

Increased fuel efficiency

Thirdly, the cars with manual transmissions are more economical than most of the automated ones. With proper handling of the box lever, as well as clutch and gas pedals, you will save tens and hundreds of liters of fuel (which means a lot of money). Even a novice driver can easily decrease the level for average fuel consumption by 10-15% compared to the automatic transmission.

In addition, the brakes of a car with a manual transmission wear out much slower than of those vehicles with an automatic transmission. So, you will need to change brake pads and discs less often. This difference is especially visible when driving in the city. This gearbox provides an excellent opportunity to slow down with the help of the engine, by successively lowering the gears. That’s why experienced drivers choose to buy BMW 328i with a manual gearbox. By the way, Nissan Juke cars also come with the manual transmission.

Less weight

The manual gearbox is smaller and lighter than the automatic one. In other words, this means improved dynamics and reduced fuel consumption.

A manual transmission will almost never let you down. Even with a dead battery and a faulty ignition, you can still drive your car. A car with the manual transmission can be towed your home or serviced under the most extreme circumstances, which is impossible with automatic transmission. That’s why if you see the best Nissan Juke cars on the Internet for sale, find out if they come with the manual transmission.


A car with a manual transmission provides much more opportunities in terms of acceleration and deceleration control. The driver receives full control over the engine and torque, it is not limited in the choice of gears and it is always possible to use the box and the engine during emergency braking, as well as skillfully apply it when driving on slippery roads. The driver, who is willing to buy BMW 328i with a manual transmission, determines the style of driving himself and does not delegate it to electronics.