If your vehicle has acquired a few bumps and bruises, explore how to get dents out a car with these simple DIY tips and tricks!

In the United States, there are about 6 million car accidents each year.

If you’ve been in a car accident lately, you may be fine, but there may be a few dents left in your car. Some dents aren’t too bad to live with, but did you know there are all kinds of different ways to get rid of dents?

If you’re wondering how to get dents out of a car, we will break down some ideas that you may not have thought to try.

Pop It Out

Parts of your car are made with plastic, which makes it really easy to fix dents. Normally you can just pop the dent out. If it doesn’t work by just pressing on the inside of it (if you can reach it) you can try using some other tools to help you pop it out.

If you can’t reach it, you can try grabbing a blow dryer and then blowing some hot air on it. This will expand the surface and the material which will make it easier for you to reach your hand behind it.

In the event that you had some bad hail that damaged your car, you may need some professional help outside of just a hairdryer. Check out this hail damage estimate calculator to see how much it would cost to fix your car dents.

Try Using a Plunger

Sometimes just popping the dent out won’t work, especially if you can’t reach inside of it.

Go inside your house and grab your plunger. You probably never thought that this would be a multi-purpose tool, but if you have a medium-sized dent, it can be really useful.

A plunger is good for pulling and popping out, so it can grip the dent in your car and pull it out. Make sure the plunger you use is for sinks and doesn’t have a flange on the bottom of it like the one you use for toilets.

Use Boiling Water

Boiling water can help if you’re trying to pop it out, but it also works great on other plastic parts of your car.

Bumpers are normally made of dents, and you can try pouring hot water on that and then popping it out. Sometimes you can also take the bumper off to have better access to it.

Once you’ve poured boiling water on it, get some cool water to help fix the plastic area and set it.

Try Dry Ice

Lastly, getting some dry ice can also help. Before you handle dry ice, get some protective gloves because it can damage your skin.

Grab a piece of the ice and rub it around the dent. If it works, you’ll hear a pop that it’s in place now. This will only work if the dent isn’t too deep.

Learn More About How to Get Dents out of a Car

These are only a few things that may help you learn how to get dents out of a car.

In the event these methods didn’t work, you may want to take it into a professional to make sure that you don’t damage the car even more.

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