Gone are the days when information about top of the range cars was contained in exclusive brochures and subscription-only magazines. The information age, now driven by an ever so great internet presence means that many car buyers are very informed, way before they set foot into that car dealership outlet. Innovation means that automakers and car dealers are packaging directed content and easily accessible resources to help their customers make informed choices at a tap on the smartphones and laptops.

Ford Dealers Rochester, NY has not been left behind. The dealership is a leader in customer friendliness and an easy to use website from which prospective buyers can sample a great combination of models, features, convenience and cost.

A Vast Number of Models to Choose From

Ford Dealers Rochester, NY has an inventory of new, used and commercial vehicles for customers to sample, review, inquire and purchase. Located in a well accessible place and with a state-of-the-art showroom and facilities, the outlet is a great place to visit and have a preview as to what your next car could look like. With an on-site lease and loan team of specialists, what more could a car buyer ask for?

Great Customer Reviews

Ford Dealers Rochester, NY has some of the best customer reviews for car dealers in the area. Customers who travelled from far away states left with a feeling of satisfaction and a great sense of belonging, far away from home. With a 4.7 average rating, this outlet is bound to give customers a rewarding and an unforgettable experience, both for locals and visitors. Again the company invests in addressing concerns raised by customers and ensuring that any discomfort or inconvenience does not get repeated. The company also has an accredited Better Business Bureau profile.

Customer-Centric Service

Ford Dealers Rochester, NY allows current and prospective customers to register a profile on their website. This gives them access to all the facilities and features on offer for an amazing customer experience. With such access, customers can sample a wide array of products and engage the company prior to making a purchase. On the website, customers can also schedule a service for their vehicles in advance. This allows them to make adequate plans and ensure that their car service does not interfere with other engagements.

Easy to Use Keyword Search Inventory

When you go to the new inventory page in the website, you are met by a simple, easy to use keyword search inventory. This allows you to select from a wide range of vehicle bodies, cab styles, models, year of manufacture, exterior and interior color, engine type, transmission type, driving lane as well as purchasing packages available for the car.