For over thirty years now, our company has been a leading manufacturer and dealer of hydraulic cylinder parts. We have a wide variety of parts to suit your every need. There are several reasons why any client who has ever used any of our products will advocate for our merchandise.

Quality products

The most obvious reason for the market preference of our cylinder parts is quality. We channel a lot of resources into research on ways of constantly improving our products. This has provided us a competitive advantage in the market, making our brand synonymous to quality. Our hydraulic cylinder parts are designed by competent technicians.

Maximum efficiency

All our products are designed not only to meet international standards but also all other required standards. This ensures that they operate with the best efficiency hence maximizing their output while minimizing the input required. This is a big plus for our clients as they get the best value for their money.

Skilled and experienced employees

We have a dedicated team of hardworking employees who work around the clock to deliver the best quality products. The recruitment process involves an extensive training program that ensures unrivaled skills of our employees. They are always available for contact whenever required by our clients. Additionally, we offer free installation services of our hydraulic cylinder parts to our customers.


Given the heavy-duty tasks performed by industrial custom hydraulic hose Montgomery MN, they are quite susceptible to wear and therefore there is a need for regular replacements. To cushion our customers from the cost of these replacements, our parts are designed for durability hence reducing instances of the same. This is achieved by using raw materials with the highest strength and tolerance levels during their manufacture.


Our company manufactures a wide range of cylinder parts to fit any industrial application. Our customers are therefore presented with a rich variety of options from which to choose their preferred parts. Whatever your needs, we got you covered. Additionally, our clients are provided with the opportunity to place orders for manufacturing of tailor-made products designed to meet their specific needs.


Our technicians also provide additional servicing discounts to our loyal clients. This greatly lowers the overall cost of our products, especially on maintenance. For this reason, you need not to worry about the maintenance or operational costs.

Customer care

Highly qualified technicians are available for consultation when need be. With a simple phone call they will guide you through any problems you may encounter when dealing with our products. Furthermore, where a more hands-on guidance is required, a different team of highly qualified technicians are available for dispatch at a moment’s notice.