So you’re dreaming of taking a road trip on the open road, with the wind blowing gently through your hair while the sun’s rays beam down on you!

Well, you can’t do any of this if you’re having major car problems. We love our cars but sometimes, they can be the biggest sources of our stress! 

So what are the common car problems that you should know about? How do you handle these annoying vehicle issues?

Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Light Issues

Issues with your car’s lights are one of the car issues that most of us ignore. But in some states, you can expect to pay heavy fines if you don’t get your lights fixed.

Whenever you take your car for servicing, you want to ask the mechanic to inspect your lights. You need to make sure they get repaired immediately if there are any issues.

If you drive often during the night, having weak headlights can lead to serious accidents. Make sure you have backup lights to install manually if your headlights go bust.

  1. Paint Issues

Most paint issues are an aesthetic inconvenience. However, if you neglect to repaint your car this can lead to rust developing.

Over time, rust can lead to problems with the internal structure of your car. While you can neglect minor paint chipping, make sure you get your car repainted if the problem persists.

In any case, it’s ideal to get your car repainted every other year. You can also buy a tarpaulin to protect your car when it’s parked at home.

  1. Oil Consumption

When’s the last time you took your car for an oil change? You’ve likely waited a bit too long!

Your car needs to get replenished with fresh oil to continue functioning without any issues. It’s also possible that your oil filter can get clogged.

While you won’t have to get an oil change each month, you should consider taking your car to the mechanic each month to inspect the oil. Ask them to advise you on how often you’ll need an oil change.

  1. Tire Damage

Sometimes even the slightest damage to your tires can lead to a flat tire or a severe blowout.

Make sure you regularly check your tires to assess if they have sufficient air. You can get a tire check at your mechanic completed within a few minutes. Ask your mechanic to check if there are any small holes or debris stuck in your tire as well.

It’s also wise to always have at least one spare tire in your trunk. You should go to a professional auto repair service to get advice on the best tire replacements.

Fix These Car Problems

If you keep an eye out for these car problems, you’ll have less stress when dealing with your car. You’ll be able to take that road trip after all!

Make sure you always have functioning lights, especially taillights and headlights. You also need to ensure you get your car painted every other year.

Ensure that you get an oil change when needed and that you always check for potential tire damage.

You can find more tips on handling vehicle issues on our website.