The United States unfortunately has a fair share of car accident cases reported throughout the world. Surprisingly, human errors and not technical defects are the culprit behind most of these car accidents. These accidents have claimed thousands of lives while leaving many injured and even paralyzed forever. Being unaware of traffic rules could put others’ life as well as yours at a high risk.

However, being careful on the road never guarantees that accidents will not happen. As long as not all drivers and passengers obey traffic rules, these fatal accidents are unlikely to stop. If you have been involved into a car crash, it may due to other’s fault. In that case, you can file a compensation claim from your insurance company and also legally force the at-fault driver to pay for your medical expenses. However, before doing so, contact a car accident attorney like the ones at Ladah Law Firm for consultation.

Here are some commonest causes of car accidents:

Distracted Driving

If it comes to human errors for car crashes, it is the no1 killer. It has been the cause for most of the car accidents over the last decade. Make sure to be on high alert while driving a car. It means no calls, texting, reading, grooming, applying makeup or eating while driving.

Drunk Driving

As per the car accident statistics, it is one of the leading causes for car accidents throughout the United States. If you have a drink, don’t take the risk of driving a car. Instead, hand the key over to a sober friend or hire a cab to get back home.

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Reckless Driving

It is very common among the teenagers. Changing lanes all on a sudden, picking up speed above the specified limit and getting aggressive on the road could cause accidents. Always stay calm and cool while driving to avoid accidents.


It is really thrilling to drive car at a high speed. However, it is one of the commonest causes of car crashes. Therefore, you must resist the urge of speeding and stay within the limit.

Violating Traffic Signals

If you take pride in violating traffic signals, remember that it could put you at a high risk. Stop if the traffic light turns red. Don’t break the traffic rule by running the red light as it could result into a collision with a car coming from the opposite direction. There are several reported cases of traffic signal violation and these involve high officials, entrepreneurs and even teenagers. Focus on driving and not on work. The teenagers should remember that braking traffic rules is not a heroic act.

Night Driving

Lack of visibility is common at night. You should be extra cautious while driving at night. Turn on full lights if you are driving on an abandoned road, especially if there are no streetlights.


Heavy rain leaves the road slippery. However, it is not always possible to avoid going out in rain. Still you should avoid treacherous roads during heavy rain, especially if visibility is too poor to drive.

Teenager Drivers

The teenagers are not thoroughly aware of traffic rules. Furthermore, they also love rash driving and have no idea what to do in the awkward conditions. Needless to say, that naiveté often leads to terrible car accidents.