In this ever-changing era of digitalization, everything is accustomed to your comfort zone. Be it the banking service or taking medical consultation online, it is only time that insurance industry hits it online.

Precaution is better than cure; this quote not only suits health insurance or life insurance but also fits perfectly for important things like your car. Getting a car insurance is no more a chaotic work. It is really simple getting a car insurance online, thanks to the increasing rate of smartphones and apps, and hence policymakers are able to reach to their customers more easily.

Today, purchasing a car insurance online is a hassle-free task, it is no more confusing and painful. Previously, an insurance provider could make you purchase an insurance which would be more beneficial to him, rather than you. But, with online car insurance, we have access to several resources which help us understand the significance of insurance better, compare features and choose the right policy.

Purchasing online car insurance is simpler, faster and it helps us choose the best-suited policy. Car insurance is an official deal between the company and you, where the insurance company will secure you against financial setbacks caused because of vandalizing the car either due to a natural calamity, an accident or any liability. Car insurance can be of two types:

  • Third party /liability only insurance policy:

A third party car insurance is mandatory in India in order to claim for financial coverage during any accidental damage. It will protect the other people i.e. third-party and their property that is damaged due to the insured vehicle in case the damage is a result of a wreck.

  • Comprehensive insurance policy

This type of car insurance protects your vehicle from theft, a natural disaster or a falling object and not accidents. It is an optional policy until and unless you are a registered lender.

One can also have extended coverage of car insurance by opting for various add-ons to car insurance. The various add-ons are Zero depreciation, Engine and gearbox protection, Lock & key replacement coverage, 24*7 pot assistance, car towing etc. The additional amount of these premiums are added to the base premium amount. Though these add-ons are an optional choice, they make your car “turbocharged” just by paying a little extra.

Before purchasing any car insurance, it is essential to understand the working and terms and conditions of the policy and stay away from spams, false promises and pushy sales practices. It becomes important to purchase your policy from a reliable and trustworthy online portal  such as Coverfox.

Here are five benefits for you to purchase car insurance online:

  • Better price:

When you purchase a car insurance online, there is no need to pay agents a commission for selling you a policy.  Also, in order to maintain customers and encourage them to purchase policies online, companies offer a good discount of 60-70%. Hence, purchasing a car policy online is a cheaper option.

  • Renewals:

Payments of renewals are easier when done online. It barely takes any time. There are also timely reminders sent by the insurance providers so that you never miss out on making payments or renewing the policies. Furthermore, since credit card companies have reward systems and discounts on an online transaction, it helps go easy on the pocket of the customer.

  • Free from Agents:

Dealing with agents in our busy lives can get cumbersome, as they have their own agendas. No doubt agents can advise you about the hidden clause and provide you with smart investment tips, but it gets difficult to arrange meetings with these agents.

  • Convenient and Quick:

Purchasing car insurance online is far more quick and easy. Despite your hectic schedule, you can purchase your car insurance practically anywhere, at any time according to your convenience.

  • Make your purchase based on online reviews and ratings

Based on the feedback given by the customers, it is easy to get a clear understanding of which company provides you with quality service at the most economical prices. Reviews have become such a crucial facet of every online business, thus making it easy for customers to make the right choice and brand to maintain a good reputation in the market. Ensure you go through the reviews on the company’s website to get a better idea about the company and also about the various plans and policies. Though you should not completely rely upon the reviews posted online. Ask for guidance from the experienced or you can also take help from the financial guide with maximum experience and exposure in the field.

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