If you are thinking that your car is looking a bit dirty and down, it is the time for you to revamp it and give your car a special treatment is deserved for taking care of you. It takes you back and forth to places and from one errand to the next. Now its times to reward your car, and ride in higher style, by offering it a car care makeover. Unless you are a profession to get it purring again. But the externals of your car care revamping you may be able to pull together by yourself with just a little time and effort.

Soap your car a bit

Before you begin working on the details, you will have to clean your car really nice and clean on the outside. Most of us do this only a couple a year, but neglect the rest of the car cleaning process. Never be stingy with the soap. Take a big sponge and give your car a soapy sponge bath. When all is done, rinse the car off well. When there are no soap traces, you must see something close to what a car’s color was when you bought it. Want to know more ? Click here

Make your wheels a shining example

That’s true what all car care experts say “You wheels needs extra care”. They are what rolls you carefully on the road. In places where it rains during monsoon,  it is especially important to keep them clean. It not only looks neat, but its safety measure to keep the integrity of the vehicle’s wheels. You need to wash them thoroughly and possibly even apply some tire shine that is available on the markets these days. But in between revamping, rinse your tires and rims regularly.

Polishing the shell

You have cleaned your car down, make sure you complete the job with a nice coat of polish. Don’t worry car polish are not expensive, but it can sure make that car look pretty for you. Do a couple of coats of polish on your car to show you care and because your car is your reflection.


To complete the look off, you can’t skip with waxing your car. This will offer your car that shine you haven’t seen before. Again, don’t be tempted to do it. Apply three coats patiently. While car polish can last for a long time, the waxing must be done every time you offer your car a well – deserved bath.

Vacuum your car

As long as you are offering your car that gleamy new look, how about making a clean inside? Grime in your vehicle is not just bad for the look and hygiene, but it can cause damage to your interior. Ensure you get the inside of your car clean. Clean all the debris. You can also use a hand brush to clean dirt deep seated in places like corners of the door. To remove oil or grease from the doors and windows use a mild soap liquid poured in a sprayer and wipe with a clean cloth.