You have been there before- reversing your car abruptly without checking a blind spot. And the next thing you realize is your bumper crushing into a blockade. The aftermath is a bumper dent which requires you to make a quick trip to an auto body shop to get a spray paint or body filler. However, a 2008 GMC Sierra rear bumper needs a completely different repair approach. Unlike the typical sheet metal bumper exterior used in olden automobiles, modern vehicles conceal the metal bumper beneath a plastic fascia. Plastics reveal minor abrasions just easily and if you happen to collide with a sharp object, the semi-flexible plastic bumper can rip out or break. To fix a damaged bumper the following procedures are necessary.

Spot Painting:

This is a simple method for creating a different appearance of your vehicle. Covering the defects of your Ford Ranger rear bumper is a good idea but it will not look good when the paint is missing. Spot painting could be the most difficult process of cosmetic repair. Too much pain causes a drippy mess while extremely light paint causes a grainy texture. So, the right medium must be found. You will need both luck and some experience to get desirable outcomes. Before spray painting, demarcate the area that needs painting. Be careful not to overspray materials that don’t need painting in the first place. Your aim should be finding a precise edge to minimize the extent of paint blending that’s needed. Maintain a manageable space for painting.

Once you have masked the area, wipe the surface with a surface cleaner and apply a thin coating of primer spray. Do not spray more than necessary.

Sanding the primer:

After masking the 2011 GMC Sierra rear bumper defect with two or more coats of a primer, the surface needs to be sanded with 600 grit sandpaper. The sanding process should be light- excess pressure can blow up the primer layer. The idea is to achieve a glass-smooth finish. Then the surface has to be wiped down with a surface cleaner.

Color coating:

The process starts with a light spray on the primer area to test how the color will spread on the repaired surface. The area should be covered till the entire primer is hidden. 3-4 coats may be required to achieve this and for the fullness of color to show up. To avoid nasty paint edges on the masked area, the paint should blend into the masked surface to form a flawless transition between the old and new paint.

Clear coating:

The clear coat is applied on top of the color coat to give a glossy finish. It protects the paint against harsh weather.

If your car bumper bends or cracks, you can save your deductibles for better use by applying these basic painting skills. Luckily if your bumper is wrecked entirely, there are numerous Ford Ranger Bumper Replacement options readily available in the market.