Whether you own jet skis, vintage cars or UTVs, these transportation items are expensive investments. You want them to last as long as possible. Because you don’t use them every day, however, they’re prone to wear as they rest in a garage or backyard. Learn how you can protect those valuable investments while enjoying them on the weekends or holidays.

Repair the Minor Items

You might take off for a weekend of fun in the desert. The UTV and other toys come with you, and they take a beating on the open trails. These assets are designed to be tough, but minor problems can occur. Cracks, broken sections and other issues arise during any given weekend. Be sure to fix these problems as soon as you arrive back home. By neglecting the repairs, they’ll only turn into major problems as they decline in quality. Pay for repairs or spare parts before more expensive items are necessary.

Use Covers During Storage

Storing your recreational vehicles for short, time periods is common for most households. Use tough products, such as a deluxe UTV cover, so that no dust or pests become an issue with your investments. Storing items for several weeks without any covers will only lead to dusty issues that can damage internal parts over time. Shake off the cover when you’re ready to go. The vehicle won’t need any cleaning before you head out for some fun.

Wax the Paint

Any recreational vehicle will have some painted surfaces. Treat these surfaces as if they’re just like your everyday car. You probably wash and wax the paint on a regular basis. By waxing your recreational vehicle, you’re prolonging the paint’s lifespan. The vehicle will look and feel brand new with each use. Allowing the paint to chip and fade will only lead to rust and other declining issues over the life of the vehicle.

Invest in Asset Trackers

The technology in your recreational vehicle is probably advanced electronics. Your vehicle purchase is a valuable one, and other people understand the value of these assets. Make another investment by adding a tracking device to the vehicle. These gadgets don’t alter the vehicle’s performance, but they give you some peace of mind. If the vehicle is ever stolen, you can immediately track its whereabouts. Law enforcement uses this information to find the culprits and return your asset unharmed.

If you tend to store your assets during certain seasons, be sure to take care of any internal concerns. Storing a product with oil or gasoline in its tank will only lead to corrosion over time. Follow the recommended instructions for your items so that they can last as long as you desire.