When it comes to the age of seventeen many teenagers are excited to start learning to drive and get passing their test. However, like many people say the real learning starts when you have passed and are on the roads alone, for newly passed drivers there are plenty of things which they should know in order to feel like they’re fully prepared to hit the roads by themselves.

If you have recently passed your test and are full of mixed emotions like being excited, happy, scared and anxious then it will be really beneficial for you to read some of these top tips for when passing your test.

  1. The first thing newly qualified drivers should do is simply get to know the car which they will be now driving. Often people learn in a different car, both type, engine and even whether it is diesel or petrol. So get to know it by getting use to the gears, the setting off and stopping and also know where your indicators and light switches are.
  2. Another thing which people should do is get use to driving alone. The can be incredibly nerve racking for many, as there will be nobody there to help you or give you advice. When it comes to getting into your car after passing we strongly advise drivers to drive alone and get to use to that, before having friends in their car.
  3. Make sure to check over your manual book for your car, the book will give you valuable information which will tell you where things are in your car, how to get them working and more. Not only this but we advise newly passed drivers not to forget about general car maintenance, for example, oil checks, tire pressure and even checking on your car hoses. If you’re unsure on what car hoses are, then visit: thehosemaster.co.uk, to find out more information.
  4. Take small steps and don’t rush into doing big journeys. Once you have got use to driving your car alone it can be beneficial to then know how to tackle the busy town centres, we strongly advise people to not jump straight onto the motorway and get use to driving in different situations first.
  5. Ignore people on the road. And when I say this I solely mean ignore people who’re tail-gating you and encouraging you to drive faster or pull out of a junction. Make sure you go at your own speed and only go when you think it is safe.
  6. Do not forget about what you have learned, for example keeping your distance, looking in your mirrors and blind spot etc. Because forgetting these silly things can end up causing a serious accident.