In 1927 a Swedish company, with a vision and mission to produce top of the line automobiles at a fair price, started a car company. Choosing the name “Volvo”, which literally translates to “I Roll”, this company sought to make a legacy for they knew that a car company’s history has a big role to play in the future success of the company. The concept of Volvo continued to grow in the 1900s to emerge as one of the best automobile companies of the times.

OV4 was the first series of cars which came out and the company created a whopping 297 cars in the first year itself. So popular was their concept that their truck debut achieved a success few can even dream of. But even though they were gradually becoming a name to reckon with, it was only after the end of World War II that they achieved recognition beyond imagination. And capitalising on this popular wave among the consumers, this company had also diversified into manufacturing busses and even aircraft engines by then.Image result for The Concept Of Volvo—As It Stands Today

However in the year 1999, the by now famed and named “Volvo Car Corporation” was sold off to another automobile giant pioneered by Henry Ford, the “Ford Motor Company”. Such was the popularity and quality of Volvo that even now the cars that are coming out of the Ford stable are based on the specifications of the Volvo.

Today, however, the maximum contributor to its global sales is its European dealers. Recent data also shows that while its market share is gradually reducing in the United States, it is doing very well in emerging economies like India and China. There has also been a change in the previous models of cars produced and the recent ones that are being introduced in the markets today. While the earlier versions were considered to be big and heavy classics, today’s version is so much more sleek, elegant and stylish.

Even though the looks have changed, Volvo cars still retain their inherent advantages; those qualities which helped them withstand the tests of time to remain one of the topmost car manufacturers even today. Consequently, there is no compromise on its performance which has only become better over the years. They also seek to constantly challenge their mileage threshold which happens to be quite high. It would not be wrong to say in the area of car mileage, Volvo is its own competitor.

Its symbol too signifies the high quality of materials used in the making of Volvo cars. Its trademark symbol, which is the ancient sign for Iron, stands for the strength of the high quality of Iron used. This iron is obtained from the Swedish mines which are famous for the iron ore they produce.

Volvo today is more than just a car. It is a concept which stands for integrity and honesty which is deeply ingrained in the minds of its consumers. A Volvo can breakdown but it can never fail. Such is this belief that even today Volvo is counted among one of the best automobiles manufactured globally.