Finding the right winter tires in Edmonton is very important because they play a crucial role in the safety of you and your passengers. You are going to have to shop for the right tires for the right climate. For instance, in winter, you need tires that add traction, as well as control in the event of inclement weather. The following are some major points to consider when looking for the right winter tires for your vehicle:

While all season tires offer good performance throughout the year in a variety of weather conditions, their performance can be seriously compromised on snowy, wet surfaces. Winter tires provide the best control in these circumstances, as they are made with heavier tread patterns that enhance control and traction and help with braking. The depth of the tread allows for a greater area of the tire to come in direct contact with the surface of the road. The increased surface area contact improves the ability of the tire to push forward through snow and ice.

It is important for you to understand the fact that traction control or anti-lock braking systems will not improve your vehicle’s traction when it comes to driving on snowy, ice-covered roads. Only dedicated winter tires will be able to improve your vehicle’s performance and control during harsh winter conditions. Moreover, if you have all-wheel or front wheel drive, you will still be able to improve your safety by using winter tires in Edmonton.

As with any kind of tire, it is imperative to look for signs like worn treads, bulges or cracks. If you notice any of these signs, your tires will have to be replaced. It is recommended that you replace all four tires to help you achieve the best traction and control. If you replace just the front tires with winter tires and leave all season tires on the rear, it can cause you to spin out in slippery driving conditions. This can be a major concern if the rear tires are worn. While replacing only two tires may seem less expensive up front, the costs incurred during accidents could prove to be much higher in the long run.

When choosing an auto mechanic in Edmonton, it is imperative for you to perform an extensive level of research and consider a variety of options and choices. No matter what type of professional you are choosing, make sure to check the qualifications and credentials of the mechanic you are considering. Determine how long he has been in business and what type of vehicles he specializes in. Also, find out whether he can handle all types of car repairs and if your vehicle’s make and model falls within his range of expertise.

Make sure to check the reputation of your prospective auto mechanic in Edmonton. Speak with a few past clients of the mechanic in question to learn how they feel about the services they received. Is their vehicle functioning properly after the repair job? Were they charged a reasonable price? You should also ask a few more questions to get a better idea about the quality of service offered by the shop you are considering.