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Dead car battery would leave you stranded from where asking for help might become difficult. What happens when you are getting late for your job or any important meeting, and suddenly your car betray you in the middle? It’s a dreadful experience to be frank because if the traffic is high and rushy, you could get into an accident if you don’t pull over to safe place.

Don’t rely on last minute calls of dead battery! Identify the symptoms and reasons behind dead batteries. Moreover, it’s now easy to replace and buy new car batteries at any online car parts store so save your time of going to a physical shop in person.

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Reasons behind dead battery

There can be issues with car alternator, car’s electrical system, battery charging problems or at worst the battery needs immediate replacement because it needs one!

We all know that car’s lightings also rely on battery’s power. Our one ignorance can also drain battery’s power. Let me explain. You accidently forget to switch off the headlights or the trunk wasn’t closed completely. These components would be using your car’s battery power overnight. Next morning, you will surely face battery issues. So, make sure that everything has been properly shut down before going back. Even headlights or dome lights will drain the battery dead overnight. While driving at night, we need the interior lights for visibility inside so make sure to turn them off before leaving your car.

Similarly there are certain car system components like security alarm, digital clocks that work even after your car engine’s key is turned off. They also operate on battery power and will definitely drain battery prematurely before its given life.

If you are charging system isn’t working properly, your car battery can drain even while you are driving.

If a battery is in weak position, it won’t produce enough power to support the electrical system of your car. It may not be able to hold the charge any more.

Is your car battery dying again and again? In that case, the battery’s power and charge are still used even after you leave and shut down every electric component of your car. You can check this by disconnecting a battery cable and checking the current flow.

There might be several issues associated with parasitic drain (which it is usually called) as trunk is left open by mistake or malfunctioning lights that don’t switch off even after key is turned off. In case of automatic systems, if they fail to shut every lighting component of your car, the battery drainage is possible in that case.

Dead Battery in winters or Snow!

Those living in chilly weather or winter know what pain a dead battery gives to person in early morning. If your car battery is too weak or need replacement, it won’t be able to start the car in cold weather. It is common problem faced by almost every driver living in such region.

You must add this checking of battery schedule in your pre winter maintenance check list. Especially when you need to head out in chilly weather, you must make sure to check and start the battery before getting on the road.

Check whether the battery cables are not corroded and are clean of rust, the connections should be tight and while testing it should work fine. Always keep a jump start to start your car’s battery in case you are left stranded in between.

Also check car’s alternator belt. Crack or loose alternator belt might create issues in battery starting and charging. It will prevent the alternator from generating power to charge the battery in addition to running everything else.

Also check charging system of your car. It might be only the charging system that is malfunctioning. You need to use some testing tools for it or you can also take help from a technician.

Maintaining battery of your car

First and foremost, check the exterior condition of battery. There shouldn’t be any corrosion on battery cables or terminals. Corroded battery cable connections are the first signals towards dead battery.

You can clean battery cables and terminals by creating a mixture of baking soda and water. Using this mixture, you can easily clean the terminals with brush. You can also by sandpaper from any auto parts store to clean the terminals. They are easy to use and you will get clean connections and terminals after their usage.

Make sure to check the alternator belts as they stretch with their age and create issue with charging system.

Check the output or charge of alternator using multi meter in your garage. You can take help of any mechanic or technician to diagnose problem with alternator.

Make sure that the battery is not having loose connections. Secure and tighten them as this can actually increase your car battery’s life.

Is it necessary to do so many maintenance checkups for battery? Yes it is, if and only if you don’t want to call a towing truck to pull your car to a safe place!

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