Today, the shining properties of cars are being retained much longer than what we used to have in the past. Perhaps, you have also seen some cars that are still looking brand new, even after many years of purchase, and you wonder what has helped the car owner maintained such quality up until that time. Car’s paint protective film is what many people have resulted in using. With it, you are provided the opportunity to always have your car shining even in the face of different forces of nature. You wouldn’t have to bother about scratches or any other forms of defacing. With the protective, your car is always good to go for years looking like new.

In this article, I had highlighted some few things that could help you kick-start your journey into knowing what car protective film is exactly.

What does Paint protection do?

Paint Protective is also known by other names such as Clear Bra, clear wrap, clear mask, car scratch protective film, rock chip protection, and some people even call it an invisible shield.

What it does is to protect your vehicle’s appearance from chips and scratches caused by either rocks or road debris. It has urethane film which is resistant to acidic contaminants and corrosions. It creates a kind of defense against chemical stains and etching which can come from bird’s poo, bugs or some mineral drops that can be caused by rain.

Clear bra doesn’t oxidize with sun exposure so that it will guard your vehicle paint against fading. This quality Shield is made up of elastomeric polymers that have self-healing components such as it can go back to its formal form after being exposed to direct sunlight or UV rays. It will take in all the damages and go back to its original texture just as it is before the exposure.

Clear Bra is a very powerful protection, and its gains are massive, but it’s not the ultimate solution to keeping your vehicle shiny forever. Truth is nothing can keep your car from harm completely because there are rocks that clear bra can’t protect your car from. If you leave bug splatters or birds droppings on your car for so long without wash it can ultimately damage the protective film so that it will be ideal you wash your car always even after applying clear bra. You have a lot to keep doing to see that your car keeps shinning and protected from harm.

Paint Protection Film has its work and uses, and some companies like the has made the whole idea about the film more promising. Clear bra will guard your vehicle paint from corrosives and forces of nature. Clear bra is just for your car paint protection and to keep its looks better.