If a person starts researching what causes pollution in the environment, they’ll surely be amazed by the facts that’ll arise. We keep thinking that the main pollutants are a few sources and it’s a common perception that solving them will make our planet a better place to live.

This is not the entire truth. The major pollutants are indeed the industries and factories creating a lot of air pollution, but there’s so much more to it. What’s more important, there are so many small areas of our everyday life that can be done if we want to live a better life.

One of them is definitely the auto transportation whose nature preserving benefit not too many people is aware of. There are around 270 million vehicles in the USA only. They definitely create a lot of gas pollution that it seems impossible to be controlled.

It’s true that no one can ban using cars and making people start using public transport only, but humanity must understand that every tiny bit makes a difference today. The overall pollution is enormous and we must do everything in our power to get it back where it once was.

Knowing the fact that there are so many cars in the USA gives one perspective. Another is the fact that around 50 million people move from one place to another each year. That means millions of cars need to be relocated from one location to another.

When every single one of these cars drives a distance of a couple of miles or a couple of thousand miles, the gas is going straight in the atmosphere. We breathe this. We waste resources too and we do things that can be avoided.

How? By simple auto transportation. There are companies, like shipcar24.com for example, which transport as much as 10-15 vehicles at once. The truck doing this is going to do pollution just like one of the cars it is transporting.

Imagine the difference, one vs. 15 more gas pollutants? It’s an amazing difference, right? We can prevent this by hiring the professionals to transport our vehicles and with it contribute to saving the planet.

There’s another concern when it comes to this. Pollution doesn’t only mean air, noise, or light. It also means depleting the resources we use for an everyday normal life.

One of these resources is the gas that vehicles use to transport us from one place to another. Imagine how life would be if right now people stay out of gasoline. This is not something that is just imagination. The world resources will inevitably deplete in 53 years. Yes, just 53 years with the current production rate.

The problem is that this production is surely going to be cut sooner because every day we see more vehicles on the street and a higher demand for this resource. This is why we have to pay a lot more attention and be more aware of the problem. We have to do everything we can to save as more as we can before it is completely gone.

Aside from this, there’s a problem with noise, light and heat pollution. It may sound like something inevitable but it’s really a big deal if we understand how many cars are running on the streets. Every single vehicle that is taken off the streets at least for a little while is a plus.

Knowing that most of the moving happens during the summer, the heat that the asphalt and the rubbers going over them, together with the engines creating a lot of additional heat make the cities extremely polluted with additional warming.

Finally, there’s the garbage pollution that this act will create. A lot of the vehicles traveling the road are going to get exhausted faster because of the mileage spent. They’ll break down faster because of exhaustion of the body parts and some of them will also be involved in car crashes.

Thousands of crashes are happening on the interstate every year. Driving is the most possible way to get involved into an accident while traveling based on statistics. These cars are going to end up on a garbage location somewhere around the country. There’s no need for this to happen.


As you can see, it’s not just saving money on gas and keeping from adding additional mileage on your vehicle. It’s about the environment and the planet. Hiring an auto transportation company make the habitat much better and more pleasant to live.

Before making any decision, every person should consider this. Every person has the obligation to do everything in their power and keep the planet as we know it at the moment. Of course, it’s even better if we can make it greater, but keeping what we have is also fine.