Take pride in your Ford F-150. Whether you’ve just purchased the latest model or you’re proud to be powering down dirt roads and through traffic with your classic F-150, get the most out of your vehicle. Find out how to increase your horsepower with a few simple tricks and the latest Ford F-150 performance exhaust systems. With just a few adjustments and aftermarket parts, you may not recognize the hearty growl of your truck.

Clean Out Your Truck

First, the easiest way to amp up your horsepower is a little spring cleaning. While you may love to have all your favorite tools, hunting gear or tailgating supplies with you at all times, a truckload of stuff can decrease your horsepower.

With just 100 pounds of additional weight you could see your horsepower decrease by up to two percent. Since you can load down the bed of your truck with hundreds of pounds, it’s worth doing a little spring cleaning. Just a few extra horsepower could be all you need to restore your pulling power and haul a massive trailer or other load.

Grab an Aftermarket Catalytic Converter

Your catalytic converter is an essential component in your exhaust system that helps reduce emissions. However, your stock converter may be holding your truck back. Pick up one of the latest high flow catalytic converters to improve your horsepower while still maintaining safe levels of emissions. Be sure to pick one up that’s designed for your F-150 for a quick fix and full compatibility.

Tune-Up Your Engine

When was the last time you had an engine tune up? A tuned-up engine can be an excellent way to restore your power. Don’t think of this one as a way to increase your horsepower, but as a way to restore it. If your truck’s been feeling a bit sluggish lately, a tune-up will help. Here’s a few things that should go into a quality engine tune up:

  • Clean or replace air filters
  • Replace fuel filters
  • Change engine oil
  • Check engine diagnostics

Whether you swing into your trusted local garage or invest in a tuner and do the tune-up yourself, these issues can begin to wear on your truck and reduce the efficiency and horsepower of your Ford F-150.

Improve Your Exhaust

That’s right, the best exhaust mufflers are about more than just an awesome new sound. While you’re looking for the loudest growl, don’t forget to compare the horsepower improvement of your exhaust system. Whether you replace your entire exhaust system or look for an easy slip-on muffler, a new system can be a great way to increase your horsepower.

Some exhaust systems can give you a boost of up to 20 horsepower. Depending on the size of your engine, some will only give you about five horsepower. Either way, an awesome aftermarket exhaust will be a great investment for both style and performance. Shop online for the best exhaust mufflers that fit your F-150 and give you the perfect balance of horsepower and an impressive sound. Swap it out and be prepared to turn heads as you let your engine roar.