NCWC inc., a New Jersey based private company has become the preferred choice of those looking for quality automotive extended service plans. With a wide-ranging experience spanning over two decades, and with a comprehensive product portfolio, it is not surprising that the company is considered a market leader in this field.

Another reason an increasing number of people are going in for the company’s products is because of its impeccable customer service. Whatever may be your query or requirement, the friendly customer service representative is always available to help you.

The rich experience of the company shows in its well-planned products. Let us take the Select Plan for example. The plan has been especially created for newer vehicles. Almost every key part of a vehicle is covered under this policy. So, if you have just brought a new vehicle and want to ensure peace of mind, then this plan is ideally suited for your requirement.

If you are someone who is looking for coverage for an older vehicle, again, you need not worry for the company has the right product for you. You can get comprehensive coverage for older vehicle under NCWC’s ‘Engine Plan’. With this plan, you can relax assured that any major engine repair bills will be taken care of as part of the coverage.

The engine, along with the transmission and the drive axles are perhaps the most important components of a vehicle. The company’s ‘Power Train’ coverage plan offers full coverage for these crucial parts. The added benefit that you can get with this policy is that it will also offer cover for the steering, air conditioning and the brakes.

Benefits galore

There are several other benefits offered by the company. In fact, it is kind of value addition that has enabled the company to clock impressive growth rates over the years. A good example for such a service is its car rental service. Just in case your vehicle is being repaired for a particular covered component, you need not worry about remaining stranded. You will be covered for a rental car as part of the policy.

You are also assured of roadside assistance too. Whether it is changing the tires, towing or jump starting a dead battery, all these services are offered as part of the coverage. Similarly, if you were to accidentally lock your keys in the car, then as part of the cover you are eligible for availing the services of a licensed locksmith to unlock your car.

Another important service that they offer is that of transferable coverage. What it means is that whenever you decide to sell your car, you can transfer the policy contract to the next owner. This option helps to increase the value of your vehicle.

Moreover, since you will be covered both in the United States and in Canada, you can now go for the choicest of long rides, assured in the fact that NCWC inc. is there to offer your car comprehensive protection. All that you need to do to avail the company’s services is to give them a call.

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