You’ve crashed your car and rather than do the work to fix it, you want to sell it on. Is this something that you can do? Well, yes, you can. While it can seem impossible that you’ll get anyone willing to buy it, there are people looking for damaged cars. Here are four tips to help sell your crashed car on.

Contact Your Local Junkyard

The first option is to get the cost for the scrap metal, especially if your car is completely totalled. You can turn to Google or the phonebook for the local companies that will take broken down/irreparable autos and pay you a small amount for it.

You won’t get a large amount for the car, but it will be better than nothing at all. It also means you get rid of the vehicle from your drive. Contact the junkyards to see if they will remove the car for you, so you don’t have to worry about spending money on a tow truck to get it to the location.

Talk to Your Insurance Company

Some insurance companies will take the car off your hands. They want salvage cars to use in other ways, depending on the nature of their business. While some companies will pay you a small amount, there are others who will expect the car for free! Don’t give away the scrap metal for nothing at all.

You will get a salvage certificate for the car when this happens. This is a legal terms document and makes it clear that the insurance company has bought it and now has first rights to do with the car as they wish.

Talk to Local Dealerships

Some dealerships will work with a salvage car. They want the proof first, so you will need to go through your insurance company and get the certificate to prove that your vehicle is in fact totalled when you sell damaged car.

There are dealerships that primarily or exclusively deal with damaged cars. This will help you reduce the time to search. Contact each of the companies to find out the price they are willing to pay for the vehicle.

Work with a Third Party

Rather than do all the work yourself, talk to a third-party to do it all for you. A company working in the damaged car sales industry will already have the contacts that you need. They’ll know the best places to turn and be able to negotiate to get the best rate.

It’s time to sell crashed car. If you’re willing to do the hard work yourself, then there are a few options available. Otherwise, you’ll want to get in touch with a firm to handle the messy part for you.

Author bio:

This article was written by Stephen Tomalin, an insurance broker. He has worked with numerous people who want to get rid of their vehicles, including selling damaged car and parts.