When you are buying a new car, there is no room for negotiating as the price is fixed by the manufacturing company. Occasionally there might be a discount but that is up to the company’s whims. But when you are trying to Buy used Honda City in Bangalore the price is quite flexible. You should get into the whole adventure with the certain knowledge that your negotiating abilities will get a good workout when it comes time to close the deal.

Don’t over bargain and don’t expect too much

If you start shopping for a used car expecting to cut down the asking price by half, then you are being overconfident in your ability to bargain.  The success of your negotiation will depend largely on what source you are buying the car from as well as how desperate they are to sell the car. If you want to buy used car from a dealer, you will probably have a hard time in bringing down the asking price, but with a private seller, or an online sale, you would probably have a better chance.

Bargaining tactics you can employ

Don’t even think about the asking price, the ball is in your court, there are a lot of used cars and used car sellers out there, and you can take your business elsewhere easily enough. So, look at the market value of the car based on its condition, mileage, maintenance history etc. remember that some brands are not very popular as used cars, you can use that to get a further cut. Negotiating with private sellers tends to be easier, so make the most of any defects that you spot while inspecting the vehicle. But remember to keep calm, getting angry during negotiations won’t help you at all.