Carefully inspecting an automobile, kicking the tyres and taking it for a test drive will tell you a lot about a vehicle, but it won’t give you the entire story. The car’s history is a hugely important factor to consider for many different reasons. This could be something minor, but equally, it could be something that comes back to haunt you down the line after you have made a purchase.

So, what is the best way to uncover an automobile’s true history? Companies like HPI can carry out a thorough check of any vehicle’s past (this includes cars, vans and motorbikes). Using the latest technology, these companies check millions of records and obtains data from industry bodies such as the DVLA, finance houses, insurance companies and the police just to name a few.

A history check is a fantastic tool and should be viewed as the first line of defence against vehicle fraud. Here are just a few reasons why they are so important for any motorist:


41 cars that HPI check each day are recorded as stolen. If you purchase an automobile that is recorded as stolen, you will soon find yourself pulled over by the police and you will lose the car as well as the cash you paid for it.


Would you drive a vehicle if you knew that an insurance company previously declared it a write-off? These can be incredibly dangerous to drive, but unfortunately, people salvage what they can from these cars and sell them on to unaware motorists.

Outstanding Finance

Debt stays with the automobile and not the individual, so if you purchase a car with outstanding finance then you will soon have the finance company knocking at your door. If the finance isn’t settled, they could then repossess the automobile.

VIN Check

One common used car scam is to conceal a car’s past with a logbook that belongs to a different vehicle. These checks can ensure that the VIN number on the chassis matches that of the logbook and that you are looking at the correct vehicle. This will also alert you to any issues recorded against the VIN number.


Clocking is another very common used car scam and one that could affect the cost. This can also be something difficult to eyeball, but a history check will use the National Mileage Register to determine whether or not the mileage is correct.

As you can see, a history check is a superb way to get a deep insight into an automobile’s history and determine whether or not it is a smart purchase.