Everyone knows that you should not pay sticker for a brand-new car. You can get a good deal for a nice set of cars between 7 to 8 percent below the market suggested a retail price, depending on what year the vehicle was made and what type of car.

If you are looking for good discounts, the big question is, “When is the best time to get the best deal?” Deals and discounts will vary throughout the year. When winter comes, the cold weather will keep the buyers at home, and car sellers want to clear their inventory off their lots to make way for new cars.

Sales staff will work to maximize their monthly and annual bonus incentives. If you want to find out the time and day incentives are the highest, we checked some websites that monitor car dealerships and sales all over the country. These websites track sales incentives daily, weekly and monthly, and publishes discounts for each. It will also track the best time to buy certain kinds of cars like pickups, sedans or SUVs.

Sometimes, it is surprising how these discounts peaks. Big holiday weekends where dealers usually run their biggest advertisement campaigns, sometimes are not the best time to get good discounts. Fourth of July or President’s day weekend is traditionally a wrong time to buy new cars if you want a good deal and discounts.

The big question is, “How to find used cars for sale near me?” In no particular order, here are some of the best time to buy or find used cars.


A lot of people buy used cars during the weekends. Some will find time out of their busy schedules to go to the nearest dealership to negotiate and test drive used cars, anticipating the process’ long hours. But some buyers visit used car stores at the start of the work week, during Mondays.

Average Monday deals and discounts can reach up to 8.1 percent, compared to just 7.50% before Monday or 7.80% on Saturdays. On Tuesdays, discounts will surge back again at 8.5%. It will fluctuate near 8% for the rest of the week. The second-best day to buy used cars is Thursday with average discounts of 8.08% off suggested retail price.


Even with Memorial Day sale, the month of May proves to be one of the best months to find cheap used cars, especially if you are looking for a family-oriented vehicle like a midsized SUV. That’s because new models for next year, usually comes out during these months. Dealers need to clear out their old inventories, that’s why they will instead have big sale discounts to free up space for the new cars.

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If you are looking for big pickups, October may be the best month to get good deals for that. The discounts for trucks on these months average at about 7%. It’s not that big, but the discounts in these months will focus on full-size pickup trucks. These kinds of vehicle linger on sales a little stay compared to other types of cars.

Maybe because a lot of automakers build a lot of cars or because they make cars that are hard for consumers to configure correctly. According to studies, the most significant discounts usually come at the end of the month, in time for the end-of-month sales incentives.


If you prefer sedans over pickup trucks or SUV, November will be the best time to buy these kinds of vehicles at a discounted price. Both midsize and compact cars have the steepest discounts during these months. For the month, deals and discounts will reach at least 7%, and will focus mostly on mainstream sedan cars.

Maybe because a lot of people don’t trust their old cars getting them to work during the snowy months.

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A lot of SUVs have their most significant discounts during December. It includes one of the most popular types of SUVs: luxury midsize SUVs and midsize SUVs. December is the most logical time when you are looking for good deals and discounts on popular SUV models because a lot of automakers, as well as dealer, are looking for sales incentive’s coverage for the year.

If the dealership is on the verge of getting a huge annual sales bonus, aside from the quarterly bonus, it is in their best interest to move their last cars before they reach their goal at the lowest possible prices. A lot of popular luxury midsize SUVs, as well as regular midsize SUVs, can benefit from that trend.