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Mazda’s name has its origin from Jujiro Matsuda’s who was also the founder along with a representation of an honorable mention to the Zoroastrian cum Iranian God of discernment whose name was Ahura Mazda.

The current Mazda image that was developed way back in 1997 and is still present was intended to theoretically emphasize about the organization’s vision to fly in coordination with what’s to come.

Mazda was composed by Jugiro Matsuda in 1920. The little venture, situated in Hiroshima in southern Japan, was at first required in the fabricating of stopper items. In the mid-1920s, be that as it may, it extended its product offering to incorporate a few machined items.

9th August in the year 1945 was the day; the whole city of Hiroshima was wrecked by an American nuclear bomb. Toyo Kogyo at the time was Hiroshima’s biggest boss, and keeping in mind that the processing plant was situated sufficiently far from the downtown area to maintain a strategic distance from genuine harm, a significant number of Toyo Kogyo’s representatives were not; despite of all this 400 specialists passed on.

While Hiroshima experienced terrible decimation on August 6, 1945, Mazda’s HQ survived the nuclear bomb. The central stations were ensured by a little mountain named Ogonzan.

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