The acrylic plates outperform the traditional metal plates in several points. The most important: they are more resistant to wear caused by the sun’s rays and the blows of other cars. Their use is increasingly widespread but we must be careful because not all are legal.

It is not that you are going to give a negative result in the inspection for carrying the license plates in bad condition, but that a car circulates with some damaged number, half erased by the stains of immolated mosquitoes or with the plate twisted by the blows of other cars (especially those who carry a tow ball). They are some reasons for you to be lightly lacking; the same as if you have blown any of the bulbs that illuminate the license plate (I know this from my own experience). All these reasons can also give rise to the anger of some Traffic agent.

The acrylic plates are a good solution to these problems; basically because they are much more resistant than metal ones.

There are three reasons:

– They are made of polycarbonate subjected to a treatment resistant to the action of ultraviolet rays. This means that the numbers and letters do not end up disappearing because of the sun.

– Its composition is flexible, so that they do not split or bend due to the blows involuntarily given by other cars when parking (especially those with a tow ball).

– Being plastic, acrylic plates are cleaned much better than metal ones.

– They are safer in crash cars with pedestrians and cyclists. There are many places to buy acrylic license plates, so many that some may not meet the requirements and if you are not careful it can happen that you take home a couple of illegal plates. If you live in the UK and do not want to take any risks, ordering personalised number plates UK is the best solution.