Did you know that the first sports car was made in 1914? The “Prince Henry” sports torpedo was the first car that impressed with both function and stunning form. 

Since the Prince Henry over 100 years ago, sports cars of every variety have exploded in popularity. Beloved for their unique aesthetics and elite handling, sports cars are essential for car collectors. If you thought you needed to be rich to buy a sports car, you’d be mistaken!

A sports car can revolutionize your experience on the road, and can be a worthwhile and affordable investment. If you’ve ever wondered if or why you should buy a sports car, read on to learn more.

Sleek and Beautiful Designs

Of course, aesthetics are one of the best features of a sports car. These cars are designed to be sleek and eye-catching. 

Some cars lean towards the futuristic, looking like something out of a sci-fi film. Others are more classic in design, mirroring the old-school style of the Prince Henry.

Also, the colors are bold and beautiful! Bold yellows, fiery reds, deep greens, and more are all possible with a sports car. Blend into the traffic no more; instead, you’ll stand out with style and class. 

Extreme Performance

Aesthetics aside, the handling and performance of a sports car are jaw-dropping. This is one of the reasons many people say a sports car is their dream car. They outperform any other car on the road.

During the design process, the manufacturer crafts a high-performance vehicle capable of reaching high speeds with quick acceleration. They also feature elite steering and cornering capabilities.

All you have to do is test drive one of these vehicles to feel the freedom of a sports car.

Easy Resale

If you’ve ever sold a car for far less than you bought it for, don’t worry. This is not a concern with a sports car! If you get a sports car, it will retain its value for a long time. 

As long as you take good care of your machine, the high performance and beautiful design will remain selling points down the road. In addition, your car always has the chance to become a classic and sell for more than you bought it for.

Sports cars are more than an indulgence: they’re an investment.

Affordable Sports Car Options

If you want to save a bit of money when buying your sports car, you can get one second-hand with low to no milage from Refined Marques. These cars have all the beauty and function of a new sports car, at a reduced price.

You can choose any manufacturer you want from Aston Martin to Rolls-Royce. A sports car is a personal investment, so you’re free to choose any car that fits your lifestyle and personal style. 

Buy a Sports Car Today

Hopefully, this article will have given you some inspiration for picking out your next car.

No longer a status symbol for the rich, a sports car is an attainable dream that can improve your life. If you buy a sports car, you’ll invest in quality that will pay off on and down the road.

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