Millions of people across the globe will buy a new or used car this year. In some countries, like China, for example, the majority of people buy new because there isn’t yet a large enough pool of used cars for car buyers to focus their buying intentions on, while in others, the prices of new cars are so high that few people even consider the purchase of a new car.

Fortunately, in Western countries like Australia, the UK and the US, most people have a choice of buying new cars as well as used cars, both of which have pros and cons to consider even when buying from a reputable dealership with a great selection of cars to choose from.

New Cars – Should I Buy New?

There are some great deals to be found at Cricks Skoda dealer, a leading dealership, which is one of many reasons why so many people would rather buy new than used. However, you must be aware of depreciation and other factors if you’re to ensure that buying new is the right choice for you.

  • New cars look great – As you’re the first owner, your new car will be free of scratches, stains and dents, but that often has the effect of making new car owners worry excessively about the condition of their car.
  • New cars offer excellent warranties – With an untouched warranty covering your brand-new car, you’ll enjoy excellent peace of mind. However, you need to make sure that you meet the logbook servicing requirements if it’s to remain valid.

Additionally, new cars deliver better performance, more comprehensive safety features and more impressive fuel efficiency than used cars, especially those older than five years. For many motorists, the opportunity to own a more powerful, yet safer and more fuel-efficient car is an excellent benefit, one that’s worth paying more for.

Used Cars – More Affordable for Most People

It’s a fact of life that for many people buying a used car is the better option because they’re a more affordable option than buying a brand-new car, for example:

  • Used cars don’t depreciate as much – This is a major factor for many people, as used cars don’t depreciate as much as brand-new cars. However, they will still depreciate over time as all cars do, though not immediately as with a brand-new car.
  • Used cars are cheaper to insure – Many people don’t realise this, but it’s one of many ways in which buying used over new is an overall more affordable option.

In addition to affordability, there are many excellent benefits to buying a used car if you buy one that’s in top condition and maintain it properly. So, while you may not be able to get about in the car of your dreams, you can still get about in a car that’s comfortable, safe, delivers a great performance and looks great.

Whether you choose to buy a new car or a used car, for your peace of mind, always buy cars from reputable dealerships that offer excellent customer support as well as top prices.