Hyundai has proudly released a long lineup of SUVs this year, among which the Santa Fe model has got many newly added features that drew a vast sector of SUV buyers on its side. When we visited one of the most popular dealership showrooms of Petaluma Hyundai, the sales team offered us a golden opportunity to see this model lineup while driving them. What we experienced that day led us to buy one, and even recommend it to people who would definitely appreciate what both these models have in store.


Hyundai itself announced that the robustness behind this model trim is the influence of the “storm edge” concept that gave this Hyundai SUV a ‘Fluidic Sculpture’ design. Anyone who sees it even from a distance would agree on its commanding presence that derives from the optimized sleek design. A striking fascia and a unique looking rear surface make the 2019 Hyundai Grand Santa Fe stand out from the crowd of other SUVs.

The all-around view monitor system of the 2019 Grand Santa Fe provides a 360 degree view through a clear display of the relevant data that helps you know what is there in the blind spots and make the drive safer than ever before.

The 2019 Grand Santa Fe from Hyundai is a huge 7-seater SUV that makes place for everyone with comfort in its roomy interior that is divided in a 4:2:4 ratio. To provide an extra level of convenience there is also an option to configure an isolated seat. The ergonomically designed seats make sure that it provides maximum support through long hours of journey and allot a dynamic space for every passenger. Overall it is a wonderful fusion of technology and art that easily achieves the right amount of sportiness that enables a high-performance we expect from an ideal SUV.

2019 Hyundai Santa Fe

The same Storm Edge concept represents the base model of the all-new 2019 Hyundai Santa Fe, that can be felt through its bold and robust exterior design. As a newer edition of SUV from a brand that won the trust of its consumers through decades, the 2019 Santa Fe is a perfect indication of power that hides behind the delicacy of a natural refinement, only to come out and show its strength when it is really needed.

With its spacious cabin, the 2019 Santa Fe never fails to offer an energetic drive that keeps a watchful eye to the safety aspects. The driver is assisted with a number of assisting features like the advanced smart cruise control to efficiently maintain an ideal distance from the vehicles in the front and the following ones by pre-determining it through the system. The stop/start technology helps save fuel and energy when the vehicle sits idle in the traffic, while the all-around view system displays the surrounding picture with the help of a 360 degree viewing camera while the blind spot monitor helps the vehicle take turns and park in tighter slots. The 2019 Hyundai Santa Fe has proven time and again its capability to drive through the diverse terrains and road conditions.

If that is what you were looking in the SUV you wanted to buy, book a test drive at a reputed place like the Petaluma Hyundai dealership and select the one that suits you best.