Studies done have showed that the Dutch pay for the most expensive cars on the market. In the first quarter of 2018, car buyers in the Netherlands spend over 4.4 billion euros on newly registered vehicles. On average the Dutch will spend 32,500 euros when buying a new car.

Most expensive

The Bugatti Chiron has been officially named as the most expensive new car. It is the 7th Bugatti Chiron in the world and the first one in the Netherlands. With a price of over 3.4 million euros, it is also the most expensive new car ever registered in the country.

Using the marketing tool, the website can find some of the most expensive cars in the Netherland using this marketing software. With the vehicle license plates or registration numbers owners can be found and more, using this license plate check also has articles and other information on cars including photos. Here are some examples of expensive cars found by registration or license plate numbers.

License plate 5TSR86

This is a Bugatti Grand Sport Vitesse with a price of €1.8 million, with €174,329 taxes paid in the Netherlands. This car was built in 2013.

Registration 22TZZB

This leads to Ferrari F50 from the year 1997. It is valued at €1.2 million.

License plate HG049D

This belongs to a Mercedes-Benz Slr– SLR McLaren built in 2007.Current value about 670,000 euros.

Registration NV323L

This leads to a Lamborghini Aventador build in 2017. New price €602,974

Registration number JZ026H

This belongs to Ferrari 485 build in the year 2015. This Ferrari 485 from €367,766 on Dutch license plates.

Common license plate

This is a Ferrari 458 Italia with the most feminine colour of pink. Pink cars is all about a feminist statement.Many Chinese supercars often drive around uninsured, the fact that this has a common license means that the buyer has paid the full amount. In China, the 458 Italia costs approximately €530,000.

European car sales higher in June

Sales of new passenger cars in the European Union have increased by 5.2% in June when compared to a year earlier. A month earlier, car sales hardly increased. This is reported by sector organization ACEA.