Car accident injury cases are one of the most common lawsuits found in courtrooms all across the country. Millions of accidents happen every single day, but the harsh reality is that many of these collisions end in death or permanent injury. Getting compensated for the accident can mean having money to pay medical bills and cover lost wages due to not working since the incident.

Stats on Car Accidents

There are about 50 million car accidents each year in America that result in serious injury. These staggering numbers make you wonder if this will ever happen to you. If it already has, you know the devastation of having mounting bills that are a direct result of the accident. If you were unable to work because of having to go back and forth to doctors, you’re dealing with lost wages and the possible loss of your job. If you don’t have great medical coverage, you’ll also be left with hefty medical bills that are difficult to pay off in full without taking out loans. If your car was totaled in the collision, you’re dealing with the reality that you no longer have a vehicle.

Benefits of Seeking Justice

The major benefit to seeking justice for your car accident is that you’ll get compensated for all of your losses. Whether this is to replace the car that was totaled or to pay off medical bills, you will find that receiving a settlement annuity helps you get on with your life and put the accident behind you. It is difficult to get over a car accident mentally because of the fear and panic it induced, but there are ways to get over it in a monetary way.

The Process of Going to Court

First and foremost, you’ll need to hire local Princeton NJ Car Accident Lawyers to work on your case. Most law offices allow for a free consultation phone call to first time clients who want to know more about the process before hiring anyone. Once you hire them, they will need all of the details of your case and will submit it into a court of law. Next, you’ll be given a court date and will need to appear alongside your attorney while your case is heard. It can take about six months from the start of hiring the lawyer to having your lawsuit heard in front of a judge.

Receiving Compensation

If the judge rules in your favor and you win the case, you’ll probably receive annuity payments as opposed to a large lump sum of cash. Annuity payments come in handy because they are often tax-free, allowing you to utilize every cent that you receive. There are many companies out there that will happily buy out your annuity and give you a lump sum of cash, but they charge a fee for their services and you’ll also pay tax on what you get. You can talk to your lawyer about payments and what to expect when receiving them.

What to Expect

There is no guarantee that you will win a personal injury case. In certain instances, two victims are involved in the case and you might come away being the one who has to pay the other person. It is important to work with a reputable lawyer who specializes in personal injury cases so that they’re able to handle your lawsuit. It can be scary and daunting to go to court, but the right attorney will take all the guesswork out of it for you.


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