If you are a die-hard fan of manual transmission, you already probably know that at some point you will need to have a change of the clutch since they will eventually develop problems. While driving a manual transmission vehicle, it is important to avoid riding the clutch, but unfortunately, some of us still do it. Therefore, it leads to the wearing out of a clutch.

So how do you know when your car clutch needs replacing?

Unlike the change of engine oil where you use mileage as a guideline to know its time for change, the clutch has no guideline or specified period to know its time for replacing it. How your clutch wears out depends with the driving style you have adopted as an individual and also the environment you are driving in. Below are some tips to help you figure out if your auto parts needs replacing. 

The Clutch Feels Soft

When your clutch has a spongy feeling, or rather feels too smooth while putting pressure on it, is an early warning that the clutch needs to be replaced. What you should do is, try and drive the car for not such a long distance as you try to give attention to the clutch and how it feels and also concentrate on how far you let out the clutch for a gear to be in place. If the clutch has to be let out most of the way, its a sign that it is almost totally worn out.

The Clutch Produces Burning Smell

The sense of smell come in handy while trying to identify whether your car clutch needs replacing. When shifting gears, you may notice a burning smell that indicates wearing out. The smell, of which is distinctive, comes about due to friction brought about by the slipping clutch. 

Trouble While Shifting Gears

While engaging a gear, the process should be smooth with no shaking involved. When the clutch is wearing out, the case is different since you may experience difficulty while shifting accompanied by shakes. The problem mainly occurs while engaging the reverse or first gear.

Visibility of Clutch Damage

If you are mechanically acute, you can go under the bonnet to see the clutch. It is as simple as removing the inspection cover that is based at the bell housing so as to allow visibility of the clutch. If fine black dust is noticed around the clutch area, this might be the normal wear of the clutch. It is therefore important to look and see if the clutch itself has damage.

Do A Test

(*only recommend for professional qualified/certified mechanics)

If you are in a situation where you are not sure if the clutch needs replacing, this is what you should do. While driving, rev the engine as you are in first gear, then shift directly to the fifth. If the engine continues to rev high, then the clutch is probably worn out. This is because, it shows that the gear has not been engaged.

In the case that you are not sure if the clutch needs replacing after trying all t

he above, it is important that you book your car into a professional Canberra Car mechanic for a clutch inspection and or replacement.