Maintaining your vehicle makes all the difference in how well it can perform on the road, and it ensures that your ride is safe, secure, and less likely to encounter possible problems. A well-maintained vehicle also has a longer lifespan and more reliable performance. One part of regular maintenance is changing the fluid and motor oil as it can affect your engine’s performance on the road. With that in mind, here are the different types of motor oils that can make sure your engine runs smoothly.

Diesel Engine Oil vs. Gas Engine Oil

A diesel engine requires a different type of oil and diesel engine service than a gasoline engine. It is crucial to know the difference between the two oils as they can affect your motor.

The main difference between diesel engine oil and gasoline engine oil is the additive zinc dialkyldithiophosphate designed to reduce wear on the motor. It can also seep into the combustion chamber that comes out in the exhaust. They also differ in terms of viscosity and amount of additives, with diesel engine oil having a higher viscosity than gasoline engine oil.

Which Diesel Engine Oil to Choose

Each diesel engine oils available on the market have their distinct features. Selecting one for your vehicle depends primarily on several factors such as price range, driving conditions, and service life. Generally, there are three types of engine oils in the market.

  • Conventional

This engine oil is the oldest type of engine oil, and it is also one of the cheapest. Brand new vehicles typically come with conventional engine oil, and this type of oil is the best for vehicle owners with uncomplicated driving styles and simple engine designs. It can offer basic-level protection, and it can last you for around 3000 miles and requires more frequent changes in terms of maintenance.

  • Synthetic Blend

Synthetic blend is a mixture of conventional and synthetic oil that allows for better protection against wear and tear than conventional oils. It also does well in fuel economy and performance on the road with a more forgiving price range.

  • Fully synthetic

This type of engine oil is purely made in laboratories by licensed chemicals. Its compositions are designed for maximum performance that enables utmost fuel efficiency. It is reliable in protecting the motor from wear and preventing mineral deposits.

For more information about which oil is the best for your engine, here is an infographic provided by Pure Diesel Power.