So, you’re now the proud owner of a brand new BMW, one of the sleekest cars out there. You probably can’t wait to get it out on the road and steal a few glances. But before you do, there are a few points you need to bear in mind so that you enjoy your new car for many years to come.

A Well-Oiled Car


You should have a schedule for frequently changing your car’s oil. This will help to prolong your BMW’s longevity. If you go a long time without changing your car oil, you leave yourself open to exhaust smoke, an oily smell from inside the car and the oil itself will be dark and dirty. Some BMWs are set to travel as far as 15,000 miles before you need to change your oil. And if you worry about losing track of time, the reminder light on the instrument panel will indicate if a change is in order.

Treading Tires


Like the sole of a shoe, tires can wear down over time, and when that happens, they take the traction with them. And when you’re travelling down a rainy, slippery and possibly uneven road, the last thing you need is tires with no grip.

Your tires will also need frequent rotation, due in part to the front tyres wearing on the outside edges and the rear tires wearing down more evenly. For the standard BMW, you can schedule your tire rotation either every six months or every 3000 to 6000 miles.

Marks of a Journey


When you do plenty of driving on a daily basis, you risk accumulating a lot of microscopic stones and dirt, which can leave small chips in your windscreen and on the body. The ones so small you’d have to blink to see them, they can be covered up with a thorough wash and a fresh appliance of paint. Some of the more extensive damage may require you to visit a local garage.

Keeping up the DIY Side


In many ways, the BMW will feel much like your second home. And like your home, you’ll have to engage in the occasional DIY to keep it spotless. Use special leather cleaner to maintain the quality of the leather, and if possible, get your hands on a protective cover. And of course, food and drink in the car should be out of the question.

Keep Contact with Local Manufacturers


Even if you get a handle on the maintenance side of the BMW, a day may come where you need to let the car be looked over by experienced hands, possibly if the tires need rotating or if the automated parts aren’t functioning properly. Make sure you know who to call and where to go if you are ever in need of BMW parts.

With these tips, you will hopefully be able to avoid a lot of trial and error that comes with a new car and ensure that your BMW still looks and feels new long after you first buy it.