How many times have you purchased expensive parts for your car from a dealership or online? Any time something breaks, you are looking at a hefty price tag. 

What’s worse, if your car is getting up in age, it can be difficult to find some of the niche model year parts you’ll need. 

If you are experiencing these problems, you need to consider auto salvage yards. Car junkyards will completely change the way you think about repairing your ride. 

Read on for a complete overview of an auto salvage yard. In this article, you’ll find explanations about, functions of, and how to use auto salvage yards.

What is an Auto Salvage Yard?

A salvage yard is also known as a junkyard or auto graveyard. These lots collect cars that have seen the end of days. 

Now, you may be wondering, why use an auto salvage yard? There are two main reasons.

Salvage yards deal in vehicles that are considered a loss by insurance companies. Beaters, totaled automobiles, and scraps wind up in these lots. 

If you have a broken or unwanted vehicle, salvage yards will buy them off of you. Depending on the condition of your car, they will write up a quote.

Selling to a salvage yard will be a fast and efficient cash-based transaction. You can drop them off or some yards can arrange to pick them up from your property. This junkyard explains how the process works. 

The second benefit is the parts. All these cars that wind up at salvage yards are available for scrap parts. 

Not only will they be considerably cheaper than buying new, sometimes they are the only place to find niche parts. 

How to Use Them

Most salvage yards will have hundreds if not thousands of scrapped cars. While many of them might not run, many of the parts are still in working order.

Yet, unless you are on an aimless treasure hunt, you need to go in with a plan. 


Using an auto salvage yard starts with research. To ensure a junkyard has a part you need, there are few options. If you call ahead, some yards have records of their scrap and will point you in the right direction.

Alternatively, there are national databases that help you find specific parts

Bring Your Tools

Most salvage yards are self-service. This means you have to physically pull the parts off the junked cars yourself.  

As such, you need to bring the right tools.

Nothing can bog you down like locating a part only to discover you don’t have the right tools to remove it. Read about your specific part before you go. Find out how to access it and what tools the job requires.

Get Your Hands Dirty 

Now that you know where to go, and what to use, it’s time to get your hands dirty. Sure, using a salvage yard is a physical activity, but if you are willing to put the work in, you will save quite a bit of money. 

Repair Your Ride

After reading this article, you will probably think twice before you buy a brand new car part. An auto salvage yard offers a wealth of parts that will change the way you think about scrapping and repairing cars. 

If you found this article useful, stick around the blog for more automotive ideas.