Even though you might enjoy living in the big city, chances are that you don’t like driving and parking in it. From bikers and negligent drivers to restricted parking and parking tickets, there are several hazards to make yourself aware of as you’re parking in an urban environment. Just like you would with Hamilton car loans, educate yourself on what you can do to minimize your risk and maximize your overall enjoyment when it comes to city parking.

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Familiarize Yourself With the Parking Situation

One of the first and best things you can do is educate yourself on your parking options in your neighborhood. For instance, are there any garages you can rent a spot in, or will you mostly be parking on the street? How much is it to rent a garage spot, and are there any restrictions when it comes to parking on the street, such as sweeping? Look for helpful apps that can inform you of such information and so you can keep up with any changes that occur.

Make Sure You Have Plenty of Room

This tip likely comes as no surprise, but is vital to keep in mind nonetheless. In most urban areas, parking space is at a minimum, and you’re likely to have an easier time parking if you have a smaller vehicle than you would if you drive a large SUV. No matter the size of your vehicle, always consider the chances of someone dinging your vehicle while it’s parked. Safety should always overrule convenience.

Consider a Bumper Protector

For neighborhoods and parking spots you know come with a high chance of your car getting dinged, you can invest in a bumper protector. These devices are inexpensive, easy to slip on and could be just the thing to keep your bumper from getting dented or scratched up.

Learn How to Parallel Park Like an Expert

You likely won’t have any choice but to learn how to parallel park when you move to a metropolitan area. Just make sure you learn how to parallel park the right way rather than develop your own methods, which might not be the common way of doing things in your city. Parking correctly can greatly minimize your risk as well as your frustration when you can slide into a space quickly and easily on the first try.

Stay Away From Poorly-Maintained Vehicles

Even if the parking spot you find is right in front of your destination, it’s best that you skip it if that spot is in front of or behind a busted up car. The reason is that you have to wonder why the vehicle is so busted up in the first place, and the answer is likely that the driver isn’t too careful when it comes to parking. Don’t run the risk of your car putting another dent or scratch on the vehicle and one (or more) on yours to match. Again, always keep safety in the forefront of your mind when it comes to parking and err on the extreme side of caution.

Invest in a Car Alarm

Once your car is parked, take measures to protect it. This means you want to have a car alarm to deter criminals. Basics such as locking your doors, not leaving your keys inside in easy view and hiding your valuables also go a long way. Installing a GPS tracking device is also a good idea so you know where your car is if it’s ever stolen.

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Make Yourself Aware of Towing and Parking Tickets

Before leaving your car after you’ve parked it, take a look around to see if there are any signs for parking restrictions. For instance, there might be street sweeping going on while you’re parked, you could be in a loading zone, or you might have to be a patron of a specific business to park in a specific spot. Taking just a few minutes to make yourself of where and when you’re parked can save you hundreds of dollars.

Check What’s Overhead

Besides looking for signs, look up as you’re getting out of your car. There might be a heavy branch above your car that’s about to come crashing down, or a parking garage could have a weakened pipe over your car that could burst or come loose.

Once you get the hang of parking in the big city, it’s sure to become second nature. Be sure to think of the above tips as you’re looking for the right parking spot.