Were you recently involved in a car accident?

With 77% of people in the US having been in at least one car accident, it’s more common than you think. But if it hasn’t happened to you before, you might not know what car damage to expect.

Read on for 5 common car repairs you can expect to make after an accident.

  1. Body Filler and Dent Repair

A very common collision repair people need to make after a crash is dent repair. If you’re worried ruining about your paint job, ask about paintless dent repair.

If the dent is too deep, you may need body filler. Enlist the help of an auto collision repair center. They’ll fill the area with body filler and sand it down. Then, they’ll add paint to blend it in.

  1. Auto Body Painting

After an accident, you may need a new paint job. Think yourself lucky if all you need to cover are scratches and chips. This is how a trained technician will carry it out:

  1. Sand surface down to metal layer and clean.
  2. Apply corrosion-resistant primer and let it set.
  3. Sand down the set primer and clean again.
  4. Apply paint layers with a sprayer and dry for up to 7 days.
  5. Cover with a clear coat to give a high-gloss finish.
  6. Buff and polish.

Once done, your car is good to go, and you won’t recognize it!

  1. Cracked Windshield

The most brittle part of your car is the windshield and it’s one of the parts that’s damaged the most. During an accident, your windshield could incur cracks, or it may shatter completely.

Small cracks and chips can have resin injected into them. This restores strength and prevents spreading. Even without insurance, it’s cheap to repair. A complete windshield replacement will be much more costly.

  1. Dented Bumper

If you get rear-ended, this is a common repair you’ll find yourself with. When you have a dented bumper, an auto body repair shop may be able to pull the dent out.

But if the dent is too large, no technician can pull it out. In these cases, the bumper comes off and the technician hits the dent out from the backside.

If this doesn’t work, then it’s filled with a putty material. This dries then gets sanded down and blended into your paintwork.

  1. Damage to Your Suspension

In any crash, it’s likely you’ll suffer front or rear suspension damage. On initial inspection, it can be hard to spot as they don’t always show outward signs of damage.

Most people notice later on when they feel each bump in the road or the car drifts when turning. A rougher ride than usual is a sure sign you need to get your suspension looked at.

Car Repairs After an Accident Made Easy

So there you have it! You now know 5 common car repairs to look out for if you’ve been in a car accident.

Some will be obvious like dents and a broken windshield. Others, like suspension damage, may stay hidden. It’s always best to get a professional auto repair technician to inspect your car. No matter how big or small the accident.

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