Going for long drives with your dog is an excellent and unforgettable experience. However, when preparing for long trips with your dog, it is always necessary to get some advice on the various laws which apply when traveling with pets. You can call or visit professionals who can give you such advice like those from Naqvi Injury Law offices which are located in Las Vegas  The following are five tips to consider when having a long drive with your dog.

  • Remember that not all dogs like riding in a car

Just like people, some dogs usually have stomach issues when having long trips. Some signs that your dog might be having some stomach issues include constant yawning, continually licking their lips, vomiting, whining, and excessive drooling. You can always do something to ensure that your dog’s motion sickness is minimized.

  • Plan feeding schedules ahead of time

When having long drives, regular feeding routines get to be disrupted. It is always good to come up with a plan a few days before leaving. Always plan to stop during the dogs’ normal feeding times and always maintain this regular feeding schedule. Although it is always necessary to minimize the dogs’ water intake to avoid accidents in the car, water should always be readily available to prevent the dog from becoming dehydrated.

Moreover, before leaving, it should not be the time of switching the dogs’ treats or food. Travelling can be tummy disrupting, so it is always necessary to stick to what the dog is used to taking.

  • Plan for regular breaks

It is always easy to drive and forget to take a break. This is usually observed when you are excited to get to your destination or when you are in a hurry. Not taking a break is very bad for both of you and the dog. Both of you can easily have cramps for having been in one position for a long period. Having your ‘’dog hold it in” for quite a long time can lead to some infections in the urinary system.

  • Restrain your dog for safety

It is always good for you to put a seatbelt on while driving. A dog that is constantly moving while in the car can easily distract you, and sometimes they can even jump on your lap.  Some states consider it illegal to drive with a dog on your lap. Compensation from insurance can become difficult in case of an accident happen due to distractions from an unrestrained dog. Thus, it is always good to keep the dog in its seat or even confine it in a dog crate or carrier. Restricting dogs is the only way that one is assured of safety. A dog which is uncontrollable will always distract the driver. A road trip with a dog is usually exciting but might become unpleasant. Thus it is important to confine your dog.

  • Don’t forget to pack the necessities

To make your road trip easier and comfortable always make sure that you have a car seat cover which can protect the seat from wear and tear. You will also need some towels to clean up the dog and a first aid kit to handle some emergencies when they arise. You must make sure to pack all the necessities in a bag.

Taking your dog on long road trips enhances your travel experience.  It is important, though, to take these tips into consideration for an event-free and enjoyable drive.