One of the most recent technologies developed today is auto shop software. The software became popular with dealerships and auto shops all over the country because of the advantages of using it especially when it comes to the handling of car maintenance. Sometimes, it feels difficult for the automotive business owners to tend to what their clients demand, while at the same time, looking after their business. However, with the creation of the Tekmetric shop management system, these problems can be minimized. Using the Tekmetric shop management system has a lot of benefits, and it would also contribute to business growth.

The Tekmetric shop management system comes with auto shop software that is used to minimize the work needed on every vehicle repair. Whenever a customer comes in to have their vehicle fixed, the system will automatically scan the vehicle to detect what problem is present, and which part is needed to be replaced. Then, an extensive customer estimate will be provided by the software, and the schedule of the technician would be presented to the customer so that they can review when they could take it back. If there are missing parts within the dealership, the software can send automatic purchase orders, and manage the inventory to find out what other parts are missing, or if a part is currently out of stock.

Customers who have been visiting dealerships and auto shops are saying that installing the auto shop software on their system provides a lot of convenience for the customer. The software also has the capability to create an extensive customer profile, making it easier for the automotive business owner to track down their repair history. The customers could log into their personal profiles and check the validity and accuracy of all the repairs stated in the system. The information about their repairs is updated in real time, and the customers could get a copy of the information to be sent into their email address for reference. The reports are detailed – it records the time spent inside the business establishment from dealing with the cash desk and every other person inside the dealership or the auto shop. Another advantage of the software is providing the customers with a picture of what is really going on with their vehicle, and the reports created are clear enough to be read. Customers would never need to worry about bad handwriting as everything is typed in.

Before the Tekmetric shop management system became a popular system for automotive businesses, most dealerships are storing their customer files in separate folders deep within their computer systems. Some customers would not want to wait for too long just for the establishment to bring out their extensive repair history. Customers who are aggravated with the long wait times are leaving the establishment to look for another shop where they could take their vehicle in. With the auto shop software, automotive businesses could access these files instantly, saving a lot of the customer’s time and making their jobs more efficient.

Those who are interested in getting the Tekmetric shop management system should contact the creators through their website or the email provided on their social media accounts. The company is ready to provide a demo for those who wanted to try it in their automotive business. Back in 2018, Tekmetric provided a promotion wherein dealers could get their hands on the shop management system without paying for anything. Tekmetric even provided them with free updates, without charging them anything. The goodwill from the company inspired other automotive business owners to try out their services, and most of them are satisfied with how Tekmetric helped their business.