Amsterdam has a lot to offer to people. You won’t get bored while enjoying this city. From mouthwatering Dutch desserts to the Christmas markets, Rijksmuseum, fashionable neighborhoods and fabulous vegan and vegetarian cafés, you will find a lot to eat and see in the capital of Netherlands.

If this is your first visit to this amazing city, then you need to know a lot of things in advance. Pre-planning and preparation would help you make your trip successful and fulfilling. Here we are covering most of the aspects of Amsterdam tour that will help in easy execution of your trip.


Amsterdam has a fabulous public transport network. This makes it easy for people to use a wide range of transportation options that include a tram, bikes, metro, or a bus. These mediums can take you anywhere in Amsterdam city. There are several places to visit and things to do in the Amsterdam city. Beware of pickpocketers. Hide your valuable things and keep it safe with you.


Though Dutch is the main language that people speak in the Netherlands, most of the local people speak English too. The central regions of Amsterdam are made for tourists with signage and menus in English and other major languages.


If you are a foodie, then Amsterdam is an incredible place to please your taste buds. You will find amazing street food, fancier restaurants and almost everything that would satiate your senses. Traditional Dutch desserts, vegetarian-friendly restaurants, fully vegan cafés that provide healthier options with oats/almond milk and soy and dairy-free beverages not just taste yummy but are also very easy to locate.


Amsterdam has got several markets. You can find everything that you want in these markets at an affordable price. From daily use items to occasion specific ones, explore these markets to get the best quality item at the best price.

  1. Albert Cuyp Market: This is referred as the major day market in the entire It is full of clothes, flowers, vegetables, fresh fruit, shoes, homeware, souvenirs, and stalls that sell local delicacies.
  2. Ten Kate Market: This is a great place to pick up flowers, bread, fresh produce, or deli items.
  3. Foodhallen: This indoor market is a network of street food stalls that have global and local influences. You will find here several vegetarian and vegan options. This is the best place to find some cool gifts, clothes, books, homeware and art items from creatives and local designers.
  4. Bloemenmarkt: This is a floating flower market that provides flowers in take home bags, cans, loads of flowery souvenirs and packets of seeds. You will find a wide range of flowers such as bonsais, strawberries, lemon trees, succulents, and the tulip things in various colors and varieties, to clothing, tulip tote bags, umbrellas and
  5. Waterlooplein Market: This is a flea market that lies close to the metro station. It is the best place to sell boho and vintage clothing, books, shoes, antiques, jewelry, with delectable food.


Rijksmuseum is an Amsterdam’s iconic market that provides a huge collection of mind-blowing artifacts and art that has got split over several floors and incredible gallery spaces. To know more about this museum, click This museum gives you a glimpse of the Dutch empire. It includes drawings, furniture, weapons, sculptures, jewelry, paintings, tapestries, coins, and even dioramas.


You will find Netherlands’ capital “Amsterdam” to be very pretty, quaint, interesting, quirky, classic and modern.  If you wish to plan a trip to this place, then this guide will definitely help you to make the most of your stay in Amsterdam.