When you live in a tiny home like a recreational vehicle or even a van, the design of the vehicle can make or break the space. And with the increasing popularity of recreational vehicles, having one that has a design that makes sense is crucial. 

If you’ve been thinking about going through a redesign of the vehicle to create more usable space, you’ve made it to the right place!

Read on to learn how to make the most out of a small space and have the ability to bring more of the family on a road trip!

Use Benches as Storage

If you are looking to add more usable space to your vehicle, a bench can double as a seating area or a sleeping area. And the best part is that you can use the bench as storage, too!

For instance, a lot of fridges in recreational vehicles can be stored under cabinets or benches and pull out. You can even take the bench cushion off, and your fridge could be sitting under there.

Choose the Right Furniture

Adding more usable space can come down to simply picking the right type of furniture for your recreational vehicle.

A few ideas to spruce up your space with furniture that gives you more room are:

  • A jack knife couch for rv
  • Pull out bed that turns into a couch during the day 
  • Retractable bed for more walking space

This furniture will give you more space in your small home to bring more company on board!

Add in Swivels

If you want to have more company and all be able to chat when you’re parked, adding in seats that can swivel will make all of the difference.

Swivel seats are great options if you want to utilize the chairs already in the vehicle, like the driver seat and passenger seat.

You can then add a hanging table on the wall that can close up when you’re not using it.

Create More Surface Area With the Right Design

There are a few ways to make more surface area for usable space. For instance, you can add in a cutting block over a sink in the RV that will allow you to use that area as a counter when needed.

You can hide a table under the bed that pulls out when it’s time to work or eat. You can hide a ton of clothes under the bench area or your bed to use space that doesn’t have other functions.

Use the walls and doors for extra hanging space and storage space that you may need. Hanging towels and shoes on the doors is a great use of otherwise unused space. 

Use These Redesign Ideas to Create More Usable Space

Going through a redesign is not always easy, especially when you’re trying to create more space in a recreational vehicle. However, if you use these tips, you’ll find that your recreational vehicle has so much more space to bring the family on a road trip!

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