In the United States, it’s estimated that there are around five million collector’s cars still on the road. Often, these cars have been lovingly restored by their owners, and enjoy a second life. 

But owning a classic car comes with its issues. There are so many hard to find car parts, obtaining the right one for your vehicle can often be quite tricky. 

So, where do you look if you want to find old car parts?

Let’s take a look at some of the best places to hunt for replacement car parts for your classic vehicle. 

Join a Classic Car Club

If you’re looking for advice about where to buy old car parts, you’ll find no better resource than at a classic car club. Sometimes these clubs attract owners of a selection of different cars, however, very often there are clubs that center around owning a particular make or even a specific model. 

Joining such a club will put you in touch with other owners who faced similar issues when looking for spares for their cars. They’ll be able to help you find a solution to your problem. 

Find an Online Forum

Get online and start looking for a forum that relates to your vehicle. Often, owners share tips on where to find parts that are out of production, as well as advice on how to maintain your vehicle. It’s well worth finding as many of these forums for your car as possible. 

Specialist Parts Dealers

Just because your car is out of production, doesn’t mean that there aren’t specialist part dealers out there that make it their business to stock the spares you need. See here for one example of a company that provides a range of parts for older sports cars. 

Buy On a Site Like eBay

There is a wide range of different sellers on eBay. Some sellers are parts dealers, some are individuals who are just looking to clear out their garage. While the availability of parts will change from day to day on the site, it’s always worth checking. 

Be sure and check out the seller’s reputation before you part with your cash. Look for sellers that have a high percentage score and sell a lot of items.

Contact a Breakers Yard

When cars enter a scrap yard, they get harvested for parts. Car breakers are adept at keeping good parts that can be sold. You may be lucky enough to find some OEM parts for your vehicle this way. 

How to Find Old Car Parts

If you have an older vehicle, you need to learn to be quite resourceful when searching for old car parts. By searching all of the places mentioned in this guide, you may find the parts you’re looking for. 

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