Passion, love and dedication are the things which are related to your car. After waiting for several years and saving money for it for a very long time, it is a widespread fact that you will fall in love with your car. But your professional commitment requires frequent travelling and most of the time you are worried about your car. Here are a few useful tips to keep your car safe when you are away from your home. So, have some patience, do some shopping by using coupon codes from Dealvoucherz and carry on with your reading.

Cover up your car before going away

We know that you will keep your car in the garage before going out. But, to provide it with a second layer safety and to protect it from the accretion of dust as well as other particles that may fall on the paint of the car and mess it up. It is a prevalent fact that the garage will protect your car from the dust, which comes from the outside, but the cover will protect the car from the sands that stay within the garage itself. And if you don’t have a garage, be sure to cover your car with a durable material, which is weatherproof as well.

Before going out, motor oil must be changed

If you are intending to go out for a day or two, then you don’t have to bother about changing the oil of the motor. But, if you are planning for a big vacation, it will be considered as an act of wise if you change the motor oil. Or else the deposit-filled oil will stay in your system, which is very harmful to your car. Well, the motor oil is already a den of several kinds of contaminants which will stick to in the different mechanisms of your engine. It may start some new issues, which will hamper the overall performance of your engine.

Fully charge your batteries before leaving

If you keep your battery stale for a long time, it will lose its charge eventually. Thus, if you want your battery to be charged for the whole time, there is an effortless and conventional way to do this. All you have to do is to disconnect the negative terminal of the battery and after that; you have to wrap it in a fresh piece of cloth. Also, be sure to cover the battery terminal post as well. It will protect it from getting corroded. The best option to save your battery is to use a trickle charger. It will connect your battery to a standard wall outlet, and it provides a minimal amount of electricity. So, you don’t need to bother about the maintenance of the charge.

Your fuel tank must be entirely filled, or you must empty it

If your car consists of a diesel engine, then it will be best for you to fill up the fuel tank before leaving for a long time. It will protect your engine from developing moisture inside it and will also resist the different seals from getting stiff or too dry. Also, you can add up fuel stabiliser to your fuel which will prevent it from developing ethanol in it. Another significant benefit of fuel stabiliser is that it will stop your fuel from getting deteriorated if you are planning to leave for a very long time. So, if you come home from a long vacation, you will find your car ready to run.

Before sending off, regularise the tire pressure

If you don’t want to develop flat spots in your tire, then don’t forget to inflate those tires with proper pressure before going for an extended vacation. If your tire doesn’t move for too long, there is a possibility that it will evolve some flat spots in it. Most of the times, places with cold environment witnesses flat spots. And if you allow the flat spots to expand their sites, then you will have no option left apart from replacing your tire. Also, if you hire a driver, then he can drive it for you regularly so that your tires don’t develop those flat spots.

Thus, it is the time when you must stop worrying about your car when you are away from them. Follow the above-written points and be sure that your car will be safe as well as healthy.