Car indicator lights are a significant auto part of a vehicle that helps keep you safe on the road. These indicator lights are placed in both the left and right hand sides of a car’s front and rear portion. They light up every time the driver hits the brakes or wants to change the lane. It is always preferable that one maintains the indicator lights in top notch condition at all times because they serve multiple functions. However, due to the high cost of replacing them, most car owners prefer to leave the indicator lights unrepaired until they absolutely have to (read: get caught by the traffic police and end up paying a hefty fine).

However, leaving a broken indicator be is never advisable as it can not only be dangerous for your life but also the lives of your co-passengers and the lives of the people riding in cars around you. In case you have to screech to a halt abruptly in the idle of the road and your indicator is unable to warn the vehicle behind you of your action, it might end up colliding with the back of your car. Moreover, a blinking left indicator light often informs the vehicles driving in front and back of your car that you intend to make a left turn. This way, they pick up on the hint and give you enough space to maneuver your vehicle and/or wait patiently for you to make the turn. Making a sudden turn without indicating the same to the other vehicles may cause a traffic jam or an unwanted accident.

This is why, traffic instructors stress on the importance of getting your headlight, tail lights and indicator lights fixed as soon as possible. However, if you are still wondering about the hole that will burn into your pockets while purchasing a replacement indicator light, you should give Parts Avatar Canada a try. It stocks indicator lights for reasonable prices from an array of car manufacturers. Regardless of whether you are looking for a marker and signal lamp or a turn signal light, you are bound to come across the perfect match in here.

But always be careful while buying an indicator light for your vehicle. Most of the indicators are custom made for the make and model of the vehicle and hence purchasing the wrong kind of indicator just won’t do. You would not want to waste your hard earned money on an indicator that won’t fit into your car. Something else that you need to be wary off is the manufacturer you buy the indicators from. There are many manufacturers who are out to scam car owners by selling them duplicate or cheap knock offs for auto parts, which might sound tempting at first due to the handful of pennies they cost, but soon gives out in just a  few days.

Also, not all car manufacturers are known for producing quality indicators. Some of the top brands when it comes to producing indicators are Dorman, General Electric, Hella, etc, all of which are available on PartsAvatar Car Parts, where every manufacturer has to go through a strict scrutiny before being allowed to sell their aftermarket car parts. This eliminates any possibilities of unauthenticated car parts seller.

DIY Installation Of Turn Signal Light/ Indicator

Once you have purchased indicator lights, be it a marker light or a turn signal light, all that remains is installing it onto your car. You can easily get it fixed by driving your car to a repair shop or hiring an auto technician, but if you have a fair knowledge of cars and want to try to replace the indicators yourself, there are some small steps that you can follow:

  • Find out what a “relay cluster” is and locate it on your car. If you are unsure about the specific auto part, you might want to take the help of the car owner’s manual.
  • After this, you need to find the location of the turn signal relay. Additionally, you may also consult a service manual for this purpose.
  • After you have successfully located all the relay signals, you can proceed to removing the damaged turn signal flasher relay.
  • The only thing that is left after that is to install the new turn signal light. In case you are wondering if there is a right or wrong way of doing it, there isn’t. There is only one way to install an indicator light and hence you cannot make a mistake while doing it.

Note: In case you have followed all the steps and yet did not get the desired results, there might be a more serious problem with your indicator system. One of the issues that might have affected the indicators is loose wires. If all the indicator lamps are working fine, the only thing the remains to be checked at the individual wires attached to the lamps. While this might take a while, since the exact point of disruption needs to be isolated, there is no way around it.

If you are lacking any of the necessary equipments or tools for accomplishing the task yourself, you can always buy all the vital tools from none other than Parts avatar Canada. There are also tons of online tutorials that can help first timers to smoothly install turn signal lights or for that matter, any replacement auto parts.