Are you into modifying and upgrading cars, or considering getting into it? You’ll know that there is an endless list of upgrades you can make to your car, but how many of them work?

Lots of upgrades are merely cosmetic. Some promise performance improvements but never quite deliver on that promise. But some upgrades genuinely improve the performance of your car.

If you’re keen to learn what these car performance upgrades are, keep reading to discover 5 that work.

  1. Turbochargers

A turbocharger would probably be at the top of any petrolhead’s list when asked about upgrades that improve performance.

The basic function of a turbocharger is to compress more of the air which is flowing into the engine. The more air in an engine chamber, the more fuel can burn, which of course leads to greater engine power.

  1. Tyre Choice

The rubber around your wheels is what connects your car to the road, so there aren’t many more pragmatic upgrades than the tires.

Realistically, it would be foolish (and illegal!) to put slick tires on a road car – while this would allow you to draw the most power from the engine to the road, there would be next to no grip.

This is because road cars are not designed with the same downforce considerations as race cars. The best tires for performance for a road car are firm, low profile tires. Check out their performance ratings before you decide!

  1. Cold Air Intake

The quality and temperature of air getting into an engine are important, as we’ve already seen with the turbocharger.

A cold air intake does what its name suggests – it draws more cold air into the engine. While a performance cold air intake may still improve the performance of a turbocharged engine, you’ll see more of a difference if you fit it to a naturally aspirated engine.

  1. Exhaust

You may be sensing a theme here – the flow of air from start to finish through the engine affects performance.

The exhaust system deals with the gases created in the combustion process. Think of the turbocharger or air intake as the “breathing in” of the engine. The exhaust is the “breathing out”.

You want the exhale to be just as good so that your engine can breathe most efficiently. An exhaust upgrade will achieve this.

  1. Weight Reduction

This may seem like a simple one, but it’s one that’s very easy and effective. From a practical point of view, make sure you’re not carrying too much unnecessary weight to maximize your car’s performance.

You could also replace the spare tire with a puncture repair kit – you can get these from most auto repair shops. Beyond that, there are more time-consuming options such as removing seats.

There Are Endless Car Performance Upgrades

These ideas are just 5 out of a huge number of car performance upgrades. From cheap, simple changes to high performance car upgrades, you should be able to get some more performance from your car regardless of your budget.

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