It may not feel like it, but the holidays are just around the corner — and they’re coming fast whether you’re looking forward to the seasonor not. There’s a lot to do in the buildup. Between shopping for gifts and preparing your home, there’s also the fact you might have to travel to celebrate with the people you love. These plans put a lot of pressure on your vehicle at a time when road conditions are at their worst. It’s important you make sure your car is ready for the season before you leave on any big trips.

Schedule a checkup  

Unless your vehicle’s exhibiting obvious signs of a breakdown (think smoke coming from your hood), it’s easy to convince yourself your car’s in perfect running order. While a smoking engine points to an overheated engine, the signs of other issues affecting your performance, handling, and fuel efficiency may not be as recognizable or unmistakable.

A talented mechanic can identify any potential issues in your car with a comprehensive tune-up. They can address anything, from complex issues like new brakes, wheel re-alignments, and transmission repairs to simpler tasks like oil changes, air filtration checks, and new windshield wipers. Don’t underestimate what new windshield wipers can do for your holiday drive. New, well-fitted wipers mean you won’t have to look between streaks as you navigate the icy roads.

Have a backup plan

You know what they say about the best-laid plans—they often go awry. Even after checking your vehicle’s ready for the trip this holiday, unexpected issues can crop up that may delay or prevent the drive entirely. You need to know how you can cover these repairs, so you don’t miss out on any of the celebrations. While some problems might give you a head’s up enough to get to your local mechanic’s, you might be halfway to your destination before your check engine light flashes on.

Maybe the holidays take you to Brampton, Ontario. Would you know where to find the top mechanic Brampton drivers trust for their repairs? Would you know where to get the best tires Brampton has to offer when stuck at the side of the road with a flat tire? Would you realize that a service centre like Veerpreet doubles as a reliable tire shop Brampton drivers use to find the best brands? If you haven’t spent a lot of time in Southern Ontario, then the answer to these questions is probably no.

Even if your holidays take you to an entirely different part of the world, this exercise serves as a reminder to check out your destination before you leave. You can ask your friends or family for their tips or head to the Internet for suggestions. You should also research the local 24/7 auto repair shop just in case your issues happen in the middle of the night on Thanksgiving. There’s no such thing as being too prepared for a wintertime road trip.

The holiday season brings together friends and family from near and far as they celebrate another year together. If you happen to be one of the friends or family travelling from far away to get to the festivities, it’s important you check your car is up for the drive. Schedule a tune-up and check for a reliable service centre along the way to make sure you arrive safely this holiday.