Max Verstappen thinks that Red Bull would have long dominated Formula 1 if it had been fitted with Mercedes engines. Red Bull, which has been powered by Renault, secured four straight championships in the F1 courtesy of Sebastian Vettel back in 2010 to 2013. However, it has been performing dismally since then, trailing behind, especially when compared to Mercedes. This is especially true if one were to take into account the start of the regulations of the current hybrid V6 engines back in 2014.

According to Verstappen, the chassis performance of the Red Bull is actually really good again at present. However, the engine still needs to improve. He expressed that if they ever had a Mercedes fitted on the car, there is a very good chance that the other teams are not going to see them again.

While it is true that Renault has made some significant gains in recent times, Verstappen maintained that last year, he had to deal with a car that has less horsepower compared to what other manufacturers have sported, except for Honda. He specifically pointed out how MGU-H was a significant weakness. Their engine lacks stability. Compared to what Ferrari and Mercedes have, theirs isn’t just stable enough.

Of course, there would be several things that are causing it. Otherwise, the issues would have been resolved way back. Red Bull is expected to be back to the title contention last year when the F1 rules were changed to place more emphasis on aerodynamics. However, the team was leapfrogged by Ferrari. It ended up taking a step back and finished the season as the third best.

It did manage to secure three Grand Prix wins. Daniel Ricciardo was able to secure a triumph after coming through a rather chaotic race in Azerbaijan. But that was in June before Verstappen earned victories in Mexico and Malaysia in the campaign’s final quarter.

Steps were taken to lower the drag configuration. However, it still did not produce the results that they were hoping for. According to Verstappen, it may be way too optimistic. However, the team has been known to be able to get things turned around quite quickly. While the 2017 season may have already been lost, it is also true that there are still things that can be done for the team to come up with a better finish for this season. Verstappen expressed that though they may not have finished based on expectations last season, it does give them the confidence they need in the future. He knows that they can use that to make sure that the team can go nowhere but the right direction.

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