If you’ve been getting the itch to get another vehicle, will you be ready to scratch that itch sooner than later?

In buying a new or used car or truck, it is important you take the time to find the right one the first time around. Not doing so can lead to a costly financial mistake. You might also end up with something that is not safe for the roads.

So, what should you look for in your next vehicle?

Be a Prudent Vehicle Shopper

In searching for your next car or truck, remember a few keys:

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  1. Find a trusted dealership – Whether buying a new or used vehicle, you want to find a solid dealership to work with. In visiting an area Ford dealer or another brand close to where you live, do some research ahead of time. This will lessen the chances of any surprises. You can use both online reviews and word-of-mouth from friends and others you know to get more details. Once you have a dealer or two you feel are best to work with, then start comparing deals and where you can get the best one. Remember, driving off with a deal is in your best interests.
  2. Safety always matters – Being safe in your own vehicle is something that should be a priority. With that in mind, look around to see which vehicles offer you the most safety options. If buying something new, will it offer backup cameras? Such cameras help you when going in reverse. Remember, it can be easy backing up to hit another vehicle, a person, and even a standing object such as a pole. Even doing so at the slowest of speeds can cause damage and injure someone. If you are opting to buy a used car or truck, make sure it is safe for the road. Some older vehicles sold on the private market may have been let go over time. As such, you could end up with something that should not be out on the road in the first place.
  3. What are your driving needs? – If you are buying another vehicle to help with a long commute to work, be sure to check what kind of gas mileage it gets. The last thing you want would be high gas bills eating into your wallet. In the event you will buy a car or truck for driving around town, you might even consider leasing over buying. With leasing, you can drive so many miles each month. At the end of the lease, you can have the option of buying the vehicle for your own.
  4. Take care of your new wheels – Whether buying something new or used, maintenance is key. With that being the case, look for a vehicle that is in good shape when you go to buy it. If buying used from a private seller, ask them to have a mechanic of your choosing check it out. You do not want to buy something that needs major work. If the vehicle does need some major work, the seller should be willing to lower the asking price. If not, see if they will get the work done before selling it to you.

In knowing what to look for in your next vehicle, will you drive away with the right choice?