Even if you are a very good driver, you are never completely safe. Even if an accident is not your fault, you can still get hurt by someone else’s fault. A driver can hit you because he or she fails to see you, you have to hit the brakes because a child does not pay attention and more. Therefore, it might be useful to take out some kind if insurance policy. But since there are so many policies and insurance providers, it might be hard to choose the right one. Therefore, we would like to present an overview of some of the most common insurance policies for drivers of any vehicle.

Regular Car Insurance

A regular insurance policy is the most common form of car insurance.  A third-party liability insurance is even mandatory. But you can also choose an additional fire cover, personal accident cover, vandalism cover, accidental damage cover and theft cover. Some companies offer specialised policies for vans and other large vehicles used to transport goods instead of people. And some companies offer a company insurance policy for your entire company. That way, you can get a discount because you take out insurance for multiple cars.

Breakdown Cover

Has your car ever broken down in the middle of the road? The situation can make you feel quite helpless. You will late for your appointment and can’t say how long it will take. Fortunately, there are companies that offer breakdown assistance. They can help you back on track. Sometimes they can fix your car at the spot. Other times they need to recover your vehicle and take it to a garage for some major repairs. In both cases, this will cost you. Therefore, some companies offer breakdown cover. This policy will cover at least the financial aspect of the situation. Who knows, maybe you’ll be in time for that important meeting after all.

GAP Insurance

If your car is considered a total loss, the car company often only pays the day value of your vehicle. That means they won’t pay a penny more than your car is worth the moment before the accident. That means there is a gap between the day value and real value of your vehicle. If want to be sure to receive the real value of your car or van you can take out a GAP insurance policy. This Guaranteed Auto Protection insurance will cover the difference between the real value and day value so you can buy yourself a new car.

Bicycle Insurance

As a biker, you are even more vulnerable than a car driver. And your bike is also more vulnerable for theft, vandalism and damage. So you shouldn’t forget your trusty iron steed. They too need to be covered by an insurance policy. One of the companies that offer – and even specialises in – these insurance companies is ETA Insurance. They offer cycle insurance policies for your folding bike, electric bike and other bicycles.

So which cover suits you best? Make sure you cover all the risks. It will save you quite a bit of financial trouble when you get into any kind of accident.