There are several things which one should keep in mind while purchasing a new car. At times we do land up spending a huge sum for the vehicle we want where we can get it at a much more lesser price comparatively. The first step which includes is to do a detailed research online about the best new cars you need, the features of the car and other specifications and also the new car prices and also the expenditure of the car monthly when you are using it. Do this research for a little long period of time and see the new cars and prices always if the brand launches any of the models you liked.

The advertisements were important earlier but these days the buyers have become smart enough in understanding it’s just eye wash. What one needs to trust is the reviews and the researches in online than the advertisement provided by the company. It has been noticed that people trust 45% of the reviews and researches in online, 30% of the blogs and forums, 15% on social networking sites and 10% brand operated and owned advertisement and site.

Earlier people used to walk in showrooms with vague idea of what they want and often used to choose a car after doing a test drive. The dealer used to help the customers get the loan and in this whole process the customers used to make losses. Firstly the test drive option should in the last place and the dealer should not get the loan for you. You should go to the financer yourself and get the loan in this way you will save money because the dealer gets a commission if he helps you in getting the loan. Go to the insurer also for insurance of your car and finally go to the dealer for zeroing down on the car and then purchasing it. Make sure that you do not pay for the extra accessories. You can buy them later. From the showroom just buy the car for the moment and do not take financing options from the dealer because he will charge commission fee for helping you get the loan.  

Thus by following the above procedures like doing a detailed research in the net first, knowing exactly what you want, not buying the accessories and arranging for the finance by oneself you can buy your desired brand new car at the lowest price possible.