If you need to buy AdBlue® for your coach, truck, bus or the light-goods vehicle, you should start by researching on the supplier. AdBlue® is a pure urea solution that distributors have to produce according to the set ISO standards. This urea solution is specially developed for SCR catalytic converter. By inserting AdBlue® into the SCR catalytic converter, all harmful oxides of nitrogen (NOx gases) are immediately reduced to nitrogen and water harmless substances. Using AdBlue® has a beneficial effect on this catalytic conversion. The international standards protect vehicles from any possible contamination that can lead to a great loss. By using the wrong urea solution, or one of lower quality, you will be running a great risk of expensive vehicle repairs. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the right supplier.

How to select AdBlue Suppliers

If you need to refuel up your diesel truck, coach or bus with AdBlue®, you can select one of the petrol stations around your area. The price of the AdBlue® depends on the labour service and varies from one gas station to the other. Therefore, comparing the prices at different gas stations is always important before proceeding with the refuelling.

The other available option is to call a dealer so that they can do the refilling for you. The option is not only expensive but also inefficient. To minimise delays and costs, find a reliable gas station. Today, almost every gas station has AdBlue® on sale. They supply the urea solution in 5 or 10 litre containers. Select the one that suits your needs. Total Truck Solution provides further information about getting the high-quality ad-blue.

Does the price guarantee quality?

The price should not indicate the quality of AdBlue®. Also, never try to make AdBlue® the do-it-yourself way using high-grade urea. Use AdBlue® that manufacturers have already approved and packaged in original containers.

The price of AdBlue® highly depends on several factors including the packaging, the quantity and the point of purchase. The cost of manufacturing – the quality of urea –  and the cost of distribution or transport also affect the price. Therefore, the prices in Germany are lower due to the many manufacturing companies.