You can literally go on with the fact that the Convertible Cars are the ones which have worked awesome when Donald Healey came forward with the best-known motor company in the USA. This created the Austin Healey 100s. Thus, the internationally acknowledged convertible car came into being. This is a very mesmerizing car because it is very obvious, the style and statement of this car are impressive. This car was formed exactly after the World War two. The car is still attractive and pulls enough crowds to give the best form possible.

Economy got the required dream boost

A group of talented people and their extremely creative unit gave birth to this eye-catching car. The dedication of these people will give birth to the most intriguing cars and of course, till date these cars are still praised in the public. The time Healey brought up with this design score, the economy was in its worst counting days. This classic iconic car was a big lift up for the falling and failing economy giving it the boost it requires.Image result for When Healey’s dream came true with Austin

Dream came true for the pleasure of the world

The inception of the company is 1952 and that year, the world saw the vision of Healey come true. He collaborated with the Austin and gave birth to the first fifty cars which were it priceless and extremely desirable. The design cut, of the car, was perfect and of course, people loved it immediately. These convertible cars were accepted by the crowd and were already complimenting the aristocratic society with its beauty and aura.

Modifications were much different from the other convertibles

Healey never thought of creating the 100s as his professional medium, rather it was an inspiration for him which he wanted to get succeeded in his personal life. He wanted to give his imagination the greatest look but, without making it earns the profits. The aim of Healey was to put the greatest image on the race track in the form of the cars. The car came with lots of modifications and was obviously, very much appreciated for being quite different from other 100s convertibles.

Weight was checked

His aim was to put the car on the race track and started working on the car design in exactly same cut and score. He made sure the weight of the car matches with the requirements of the race track. Thus, the car was prepared to keep the weight in mind. He made the car light and completely alloy made so that it can be simple and light and the substructure is alloy based.

A serious cut to the persona

Since weight was the primary choice of Healey so he made sure Austin 100s loses the bumpers and the windscreen glass was never added. He carefully brought every portion of his design to reality to make sure everything is absolutely right in the design and the final cut. There were certain curtains at the side which were totally given out to give the convertible the serious and dynamic look it requires overall.